Byos Releases Free Assessment Tool to Provide Companies With Tailored Network Security Recommendations

Assessment tool instantly generates a detailed report breaking down a company’s current network security maturity and recommended next steps.

September 20, 2022

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HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA — September 20, 2022 — Byos (, the edge microsegmentation company dedicated to helping organizations protect themselves from the risk of ubiquitous remote, guest, and internet of things (IoT) network connectivity, announced today the release of the Byos Network Security Maturity Assessment: a free tool that details actions and technologies to improve an organization's security posture. Developed by a team of network security industry veterans and consultants, the tool scores a company's current network security maturity via a 15-minute survey and provides a tailored set of recommendations that can be used to develop priorities, action plans, long-term budgets, and more. The Assessment tool can be found at:

“We saw a real need for a way to get a baseline set of recommendations without having to bring in outside consultants,” said Matias Katz, founder and chief executive officer at Byos. “That process can be long, expensive, and difficult to justify. We wanted our tool to give companies access to actionable advice without all the costs and distractions of the traditional way of doing it. Because that meant that it almost never got done.”

The Byos Network Security Maturity Assessment uses a 29-question survey covering general network security, managing access, lateral movement, and risk/threat assessment. Respondents rate their agreement with each question on a five-point scale, and the tool uses this data to calculate their network security maturity level across each category. The Byos Network Security Maturity Assessment then leverages its extensive recommendation database — built on NIST and CIS recommendations and insight from the network security veterans who developed the tool — to generate a report tailored to the company's strengths and weaknesses and suggest actionable next steps.

“Byos was committed to building a high-quality tool from the very start,” said Caston Thomas, lead consultant on the Assessment and chief executive officer at InterWorks, LLC. “I am amazed a vendor could be so confident in its technology that it would release a free tool without any bias toward its products. We developed the assessment to help any size organization gain perspective to improve their network security without having to hire expensive consultants.”

The launch of the Byos Network Security Maturity Assessment continues this legacy, using technology to allow companies to rapidly evaluate the strength of their cybersecurity strategy.

To learn more about Byos Network Security Maturity Assessment — or to start using the tool today — visit

About Byos

IoT, mobile devices, “the cloud,” working-from-home, and video streaming have all radically changed how the internet works. That growth and complexity is accelerating. Yet there is little difference in how internet security operates from the time when it was originally built almost 50 years ago.

Byos is stepping up the challenge to create a new way of securing “the net,” and in doing so, is proving that network security can be simpler and, at the same time, fundamentally more secure. Simply stated, Byos makes all devices, and the network itself, invisible. Byos communicates ON the network without being connected TO the network by isolating each device on its own network of one. Even if a device is compromised by some other means, like malware from an email, Byos limits the spread.

Byos is backed by Silicon Valley investors and advisors and based in Nova Scotia. We serve customers across all industries and governmental institutions. For more information, visit

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