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BroadWeb Launches Application Signature Service

Service provides for the creation and modification of fine-grained control policies according to visibility into the network applications

April 23, 2009

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FRANCISCO --(Business Wire)-- Apr 22, 2009 BroadWeb' Corporation, a leading company in network security and expertise of Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), today announced the availability of Application Signature Service in conjunction with the RSA' Conference 2009, the industry's most respected and most highly attended information security event, in San Francisco, Calif. from April 20-24, 2009.

BroadWeb' Application Signature Service makes it simple to create and modify fine-grained control policies according to visibility into the network applications. Signature set includes (1) application subset (Layer7+-ID) to identify a great diversity of network applications and (2) threat prevention subset (Threat-ID) to recognize kinds of sophisticated network threats and secure the network against dynamic threats including worms, Trojans, scanning, SPAM, and software vulnerability and also meets the requirements of high performance by compact signature patterns.

"The problem arises from sophisticated identification," said by Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of BroadWeb'. "It counts on ability of granular inspection. BroadWeb' has been concentrating upon network security for a decade, meanwhile, BroadWeb' Application Signature contains more than eight hundred different applications, and the number is still increasing. It does not only surpass other companies', but is also capable of applying to encrypted network flows, which allows us to differentiate users' behavior, for example, chatting, watching videos, sending files, underneath."

About BroadWeb'

BroadWeb' Corporation is a market leader in network content security technology dedicated to creating products that enables the protection on application-layer level, including hacker's detection and prevention, worm/virus protection, and information security enforcement (Web, P2P, and IM software control). With award-winning IPS technology, BroadWeb offers comprehensive solution for Carriers, Enterprise, SME and SOHO.

BroadWeb has also been focusing on the development of application-centric classification in order to increase visibility into user behaviors and control impacts of bandwidth-consuming applications. To enable policy management at the application behavior level, BroadWeb provides a complete solution based on sophisticated packet inspection, traffic classification, and bandwidth management technologies.

For more information, visit the company's web site at www.broadweb.com.

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