DR Radio: Incident Response War-Gaming

Learn how to practice the post-breach panicking.

Well it finally happened: you've been breached. When you step through the doors of the board room doors, what will you find? Steely-eyed CxOs pointing fingers and armed to stone you? Wide-eyed CxOs begging for you to save them?

Will the executives take the breach seriously enough, or will you have to convince them? Will they be prepared to handle the public relations and the potential law suits? Will you have enough time and enough information to respond to the problems at hand before the next news story, sales report, or forensic investigation changes the situation?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know all that ahead of time? That’s the purpose of incident response war gaming.

In such an exercise, an organization’s key leaders must guide their business through the rocky days following a (simulated) major security breach, with all the media pitfalls, law suits, sales hits, morale slumps, stock dives and other threats that may come with it. And that will be the topic of the next episode of Dark Reading Radio.

Join us this Wednesday, May 27 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time for "Incident Response War Gaming: Practicing the Post-Breach Panicking." Our guests will be Emily Mossburg, who leads the war gaming efforts for Deloitte Cyber Risk Services and Mike Rodriguez-Chapman, director of information security, protection, and assurance at Fed Ex Services. They will describe the action and dish on the main lessons learned by going through these exercises.

Join us Wednesday at 1:00. Have any questions you'd like to ask? Bring them along and participate in the online text chat.