Dark Reading Virtual Event Seeks To Break Security Myths, Conventional Wisdom

Three keynotes, two panel sessions offer new ways to think about enterprise information security.

You’ve heard it before: “We’re losing the war with the bad guys.” “We spend and spend, but we’re still being breached.”  “All we’re doing is fighting fires – we’re not fixing the problem.”

Maybe the problem is that we’re applying old-school thinking to new-school security threats and challenges. On Tuesday, Nov. 15 starting at 11am EST, Dark Reading will offer some new perspectives on information security with an all-day virtual event: “Re-Thinking Your Enterprise IT Security Strategy."

This virtual conference, which offers three keynote session and two panels featuring top security experts, is designed to challenge conventional wisdom about IT security. Philosophies such as “layered security” and “defense in depth” will be challenged. Speakers will go beyond the immediate firefights and offer a longer view. And you’ll get some advice on how to build a security architecture that lasts, rather than just pushing furniture up against the door.

You’ll hear from experts who have challenged security thinking in the past, such as Bruce Schneier and Johannes Ullrich, as well as new technology innovators and entrepreneurs. You’ll hear from CISOs who have tried new strategies and failed and tried again. And you’ll hear from consultants who have reviewed the defenses of Fortune 500 companies and developed new strategies and architectures to improve those defenses.

In addition to the five live presentations, you’ll have a chance to chat with colleagues in our “virtual lounge” and download white papers, technology data, and news articles that highlight new thinking and new directions in IT security.

“Re-Thinking Your Enterprise IT Security Strategy” costs nothing to attend and is presented in separate sessions so that you can join as few or as many as you like. Come for one presentation or stay all day and chat with colleagues between sessions.

We hope this event will break some of the myths around information security and start you thinking in new directions. Please join us!

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Dark Reading's all-day virtual event Nov. 15 offers an in-depth look at myths surrounding data defense and how to put business on a more effective security path.