10 Free Security Tools at Black Hat Asia 2021

Researchers are set to demonstrate a plethora of tools for conducting pen tests, vulnerability assessments, data forensics, and a wide range of other use cases.
SniperPhish: Web-Email Spear-Phishing Toolkit
Project Enigma: Enabling Faster Detection of Indicators of Compromise
Slips: Machine-Learning-Based Network Intrusion Prevention System
FalconEye: Detecting Windows Process Injection Techniques
Gargamel: Data Forensics for Remote Systems
KICS: Assessing Security of Infrastructure as Code
Threagile: Open Source Agile Threat Modeling Toolkit
Adversarial Threat Detector: Detecting Vulns in Deep Learning Algorithms
CQ Penetration Testing Toolkit
OWFuzz: OpenWiFi-Based Wi-Fi Protocol Fuzzing Tool

As in previous years, next month's Black Hat Asia 2021 virtual event will feature a full lineup of free security tools -- some new and some updated versions of existing tools.

Many of these tools are based on open source technologies, include those for conducting penetration tests and vulnerability assessments, data forensics and incident response, malware and network defense, application security, reverse engineering, and Web application security.

Some tools are designed for the security research community. Others are meant to help enterprise security teams address common challenges, such as those related to swift threat detection and mitigation, phishing attacks, and fileless malware.

Black Hat Asia 2021 will be held from Tuesday, May 4, through Friday, May 7. Security researchers and members of the open source community will showcase their offerings via a series of virtual events on Thursday and Friday of that week. Security practitioners, researchers, and testers will have an opportunity to learn more about the tools and how they work during these interactive sessions. 

The following is a representative sample of 10 of the 30 tools that researchers will introduce and demonstrate at the event.

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