Security Now Merges With Dark Reading

Readers of Security Now will join the Dark Reading community, gaining access to a wide range of cybersecurity content.

The Dark Reading team is happy to welcome a new audience to its growing online community: the readership of the Security Now cybersecurity news and information site.

The merger will combine the audiences of Dark Reading – the IT security industry's leading news organization – and its sister site under parent company Informa LLC, Security Now. The combined community, which will operate under the Dark Reading name, will be one of the cybersecurity industry's largest and most comprehensive sources of news and information on the Web.

Security Now readers will have an opportunity to become members of Dark Reading, which provides the latest news and analysis of emerging security threats, vulnerabilities, and next-generation technology. Security Now readers will also get regular commentary and insights from some of the IT security industry's top experts and be able to submit commentary ideas of their own. In addition, Security Now readers will be able to gain deeper insights from The Edge, Dark Reading's features section, which offers in-depth perspective on cybersecurity issues and best practices.

As part of the Dark Reading community, Security Now readers will also gain access to a broad range of related content designed to help security professionals do their jobs. Dark Reading Reports provide original research and insight on trends and attitudes in the cybersecurity industry. Dark Reading's Tech Digest e-zines offer in-depth coverage of key issues and news developments. Dark Reading webinars bring some of the industry's top experts online – both live and on demand – to offer advice and recommendations on key security challenges. And Dark Reading virtual events deliver an all-day, online conference experience that helps to illuminate new threats and methods of response.

If you're a Security Now reader who wants to gain the full benefits of membership in the Dark Reading community, you can sign up for membership here. You can also sign up to receive the latest news and updates via our daily and weekly newsletters

For more information, questions, or to submit an idea for Dark Reading's Commentary section, please write us at [email protected].