Quarri Adds Android-based OS Platform Support and Mobile Security To Web Browser Protection Product

POQ Mobile for Android supports smartphones and tablets

December 16, 2011

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Austin, Texas—December 13, 2011—Quarri™ Technologies, a security software company that empowers organizations to keep their sensitive data secure, today announced the release of Quarri Protect On Q Mobile for Android, an advancement in mobile device web browser security. Protect On Q (POQ) Mobile for Android extends POQ from the desktop with the addition of Android-based OS support for smartphones and tablets.

POQ Mobile for Android takes Quarri’s security suite beyond Windows machines to the fastest growing worldwide OS platform. POQ Mobile security features enabled in Android devices include:

Information controls that prevent the unauthorized use and replication of confidential data.

Certificate whitelisting / block invalid certificates, the key vector in Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Network destination controls that prevent other session redirection attacks (limited to embedded or non-SSL links).

Block browser plug-ins to mitigate hostile browser extension.

POQ enforcement mechanism that, similar to the Windows platform, allows POQ administrators to require and enforce the use of the protected browser.

Centralized client event logs for auditing requirements.

“Demand for access to corporate information via a variety of devices further reinforces the need for supporting Android, since it is used on more than 25 million tablet and mobile devices worldwide,” said Bill Morrow, executive chairman, Quarri Technologies. “Though the browser at the endpoint is the weakest point on the network, not all threats are external. Advancements in Quarri’s Protect On Q product suite help corporations mitigate data replication—via mobile device, laptop or desktop—by controlling both malicious and careless end-user behavior to prevent sensitive information from being stolen, leaked or shared.”

Additionally, along with the availability of the new mobile product, features added to the POQ Windows platform products include:

Virtual machine detection—IT administrators dealing with data leakage and login credential theft can easily block these threats. Currently, POQ virtual machine detection includes Hyper-V, VirtualBox, Virtual PC and VMware.

Remote desktop blocking—IT administrators can protect their PCs and smart devices against potential data leakage threats as it relates to mobile workers in disparate locations. Organizations will have the ability to block end-users from running a protected browser on a host being remotely accessed via Microsoft RDP.

More information on the POQ product suite is available online at http://www.quarri.com/products.

About Quarri Technologies

Quarri Technologies, Inc. is a security software company that empowers organizations to keep their sensitive data secure. The company’s products defend against both external and internal attacks and prevent unauthorized use and replication of confidential data by controlling both malicious and careless end-user behavior. Quarri’s products allow users to remain productive and have a seamless online experience, while also enabling organizational compliance with industry standards and government mandates. Quarri is a privately held, investor-backed corporation based in Austin, Texas, with clients throughout North America and Europe. For further information, visit www.quarri.com.

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