Lookout Mobile Security Rolls Out Free iPhone Security App

Lookout for iPhone can help locate a lost or stolen phone on a map or sound a loud alarm to find it nearby

October 18, 2011

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What: Lookout for iPhone – the first iOS app from the leader in mobile security

When: Starting October 18th at 9:00 AM ET

Where: Available for free via the Apple App Store

Why: iPhone owners do more with their phones than anyone else--browsing the web, sending emails, using social networks and even mobile banking. In fact, 52% of iPhone users conduct mobile banking on their iPhone. When designing this new offering, Lookout focused on providing one, easy to use app to keep iPhone users safe, and started by addressing the biggest risks to iPhone users today. In a recent survey, Lookout found that:

93% of iPhone users said they have concerns about the security of the data stored on their phones

4 out every 10 iPhone users are unsure about the security of public WiFi

More than a third of users don’t regularly sync their devices.

Your iPhone is your most personal computer, so it needs to be protected. Lookout can help you find your lost or stolen phone, back up precious data and avoid behavior that might expose your personal information, like connecting to an unsecure WiFi network or postponing security updates. Lookout for iPhone is the first app that includes security and privacy protection so you know your personal information is safe.

Lookout for iPhone includes:

Missing Device. You can use Lookout to help locate your lost or stolen phone on a map or sound a loud alarm to find it nearby – even if it’s stuck in the couch cushions.

Security. Never before could you keep your iPhone safe and secure with a single app. Lookout walks you through the steps necessary to better protect your privacy and secure your iPhone.

System Advisor. Notifies you of settings or out-of -date software that could put you and your privacy at risk, including letting you know if your iPhone is “Jailbroken”. Software updates may include fixes to security flaws in previous versions.

WiFi Security. Alerts you when you connect to an unsecure WiFi network to ensure you don’t expose your sensitive personal data like passwords or account information.

Location Services. Helps you take control of your privacy by seeing which apps can access your location, helping you make better decisions about the apps you download.

Backup & Restore. With Lookout, no matter where you are, your contacts are automatically backed up. Over-the-air backup means that your contacts are safe – even when you haven’t had time to sync your iPhone. You can restore your data to the same iPhone, a different iPhone or iPad too.

Management. Lookout for iPhone can help you keep tabs on all your important devices – from your iPhone, iPad, and even your Android phone or tablet – all from an easy to use dashboard that you can access from the Lookout website.

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