Kindsight Security Labs Releases Q1 2012 Malware Report

Report reveals statistics and security trends for malware infections in home networks and mobile devices

May 12, 2012

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - May 9, 2012) - Kindsight, a provider of network-based security and analytics solutions, has released the Kindsight Security Labs Malware Report for Q1 2012. The quarterly report reveals statistics and security trends for malware infections in home networks and mobile devices. Kindsight brings a unique perspective to the space because its solutions are embedded within service provider networks, where it analyzes malicious communications traffic from subscribers' infected devices to cybercriminal servers. The full report may be accessed here.

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The Kindsight Security Lab report features malware statistics for the first three months of 2012, including the top 20 home network infections and Internet threats. Key findings include:

Approximately 13 percent of home networks in North America were infected in Q1 2012. Malware related to DNSChanger was the most prevalent high-level infection and 1 in 400 households are still infected meaning their Internet access may be disrupted in July. The ZeroAccess botnet continued to grow significantly, 4x in just over a month, to infect one in every 200 homes. Mac computers were targeted with the Flashback bot, with infections approaching 6 percent at the end of Q1 or almost half of infection rate we see for all Windows malware combined. Most of the security community has reclassified Plankton/Apperhand as aggressive adware, causing the overall mobile infection rate to level off but we do expect the growth to continue in the upcoming quarters.

"This past quarter, our network detection statistics showed significant growth in the ZeroAccess p2p botnet, which appears to be operating under the radar of other security researchers. We estimate that this bot now infects one in every 200 households," said Kevin McNamee, director of Kindsight Security Labs. "The Flashback attack on Macs also demonstrated how vulnerable that ecosystem can be with just one piece of malware when cybercriminals set their sights on them."

The report also provides malware analysis for the top high-level threats tracked in Q1, including DNSChanger, ZeroAccess, SpyEye/Zeus Banking Trojan, BlackHole Exploit Kit, and the Mac Flashback bot. Additionally, the report features analysis of the top Android malware for Q1, such as GGtracker and PJApps3.

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About Kindsight Kindsight offers security and analytics platforms that service providers embed in their networks to analyze Internet traffic for malware and other insights. Backed by the expertise of Kindsight Security Labs, the Security Analytics platform detects infections to protect the network and subscribers while the Security Services platform can increase revenues by offering network-based security services. The Intent Analytics platform scores the traffic of opted-in users to reduce churn through subscriber insights or monetize value-added services through advertising. Majority owned by Alcatel-Lucent, Kindsight is based in Mountain View, CA with offices in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Visit for more information.

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