Imprivata To Resell Phone-Based Authentication Solution For Mobile Physicians And Nurses

Imprivata OneSign and OneSign Anywhere provide care providers with secure access to electronic medical records

September 14, 2011

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LEXINGTON, MA and OVERLAND PARK, KS (September 14, 2011) – Imprivata', Inc., and PhoneFactor today announced a reseller partnership to provide phone-based authentication services to Imprivata customers. The partnership builds upon existing technology integration between the two platforms, creating a joint solution that is offered along with Imprivata OneSign' , an award-winning authentication and access management platform, and OneSign Anywhere™, which extends the benefits of OneSign to remote & mobile workers from a variety of endpoint devices. Leading healthcare organizations such as OhioHealth and EMH Healthcare have deployed the joint solution to provide physicians and nurses with the convenience of authenticating via their phones to access Protected Health Information (PHI).

Imprivata OneSign and OneSign Anywhere provide authorized doctors, nurses, and other care providers with fast and secure access to electronic medical records (EMR) and other applications, translating directly into improved clinician productivity and more time spent with patients. PhoneFactor allows clinicians the flexibility to use their existing phones to authenticate to their systems. For example, an authorized physician can receive an automated phone call or text message from PhoneFactor when logging onto the hospital’s system. The physician answers the call and presses # or replies to the text message to authenticate. This simple process provides the multi-factor security required by many regulatory agencies, including HIPAA and state pharmacy boards, yet is extremely easy to setup, manage, and use.

“For our customers, improved clinician satisfaction and productivity result in better patient care,” commented Ed Gaudet, Imprivata Chief Marketing Officer. “The joint Imprivata/PhoneFactor solution delivers an excellent method of strong authentication for physicians and nurses who are already accustomed to carrying their phones and need both on-premise and remote access to patient records.”

By leveraging a device every user already has – a phone – PhoneFactor enables rapid, cost-effective deployment of multi-factor authentication. There are no security tokens or other devices to provision and no software or certificates for end users to install. PhoneFactor integrates with AD and LDAP servers to streamline user management. Easy, automated enrollment and self-service options are available through the phone and web.

“Patients place a tremendous amount of trust in their healthcare providers and that includes an expectation that practitioners will safeguard their privacy,” said Tim Sutton, PhoneFactor CEO. “The joint PhoneFactor/Imprivata solution helps healthcare providers meet that expectation by ensuring that only authorized users have access to systems containing patient records. This is critical for regulatory compliance, but perhaps more importantly, is essential to maintaining patient trust.”

Supporting Quotes “OhioHealth manages a large and diverse group of end users accessing healthcare data and systems from multiple locations and devices. It was extremely important to us to select a solution that provided the strong security required by regulatory mandates along with the mobility required by our healthcare practitioners. PhoneFactor’s phone-based authentication solution paired with Imprivata’s OneSign single sign-on solution addresses both requirements – providing easy and secure access to the data and tools clinicians need to practice medicine even when they are away from the hospital.” – Jim Lowder, Vice President, Technology, OhioHealth

“As healthcare delivery organizations extend the reach of their most critical clinical systems to remote locations and mobile devices, the demand for convenient and secure access increases. By combining single sign-on with phone-based strong authentication, particularly out-of-band approaches that mitigate man-in-the-middle and man-in-the browser attacks, healthcare delivery organizations can simplify clinician access to PHI while preventing unauthorized use.” – Barry Runyon, Research VP, Gartner

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About PhoneFactor PhoneFactor is a leading provider of multi-factor authentication. The company’s award-winning platform uses any phone as a second form of authentication. PhoneFactor’s out-of-band architecture and real-time fraud alerts provide strong security for healthcare, enterprise, banking, and website applications. It is easy and cost effective to set up and deploy to large numbers of geographically diverse users. PhoneFactor has been named to the Bank Technology News FutureNow list of the top 10 technology innovators securing the banking industry today and recently earned a prestigious five stars in the SC Magazine multi-factor authentication group test. Follow PhoneFactor on twitter at @phonefactor.

About Imprivata With more than one million healthcare users, Imprivata is the #1 independent provider of single sign-on and access management solutions for healthcare, government, finance and other regulated industries. By strengthening user authentication, streamlining application access and simplifying compliance reporting across multiple computing environments, customers realize improved workflows, increased security and compliance with government regulations.

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