iBoss Mobile Security Solution Eliminates The Need To Choose Between Allowing Or Blocking HTTPS

New firmware gets smarter, inspecting across all HTTPS traffic and ensuring greater security for today's 1:1 devices

January 10, 2013

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SAN DIEGO, Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile computing is not without its share of issues and concerns when it comes to security. What's more, schools face unique security concerns due to the growing popularity of 1:1 programs. And that's why Phantom Technologies, a global provider of Internet content filtering and security solutions, has developed the new iBoss Mobile Security (http://www.iboss.com/mobile_security_overview.html), a breakthrough way to enable the security of 1:1 devices.

"No doubt, many schools and other such sizable organizations are seeking to apply filtering on and off premises for countless 1:1 laptops; however, the current solutions for mobile security require them either to allow all or block all HTTPS access when off premises," says Peter Martini, iBoss' chief operating officer. "But this approach has quickly become burdensome for them as most sites, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, utilize HTTPS. When these organizations then have to choose between allowing or blocking all HTTPS, this limits the enforcement of the AUP, plus it restricts the detection of embedded threats within HTTPS sites. And believe me, there are still security threats no matter how secure a system or site may seem."

For iBoss (http://www.iboss.com), however, the challenge is to defuse and even destroy the potential for security breaches by doing all in its power to provide the most effective, user-friendly mobile-security solutions to date. The newest iBoss Mobile Security alleviates the many "points of pain" for schools and other such organizations, which are constantly striving not only to protect themselves and affiliated users of 1:1 devices against any embedded threats, but also to inspect traffic within the increasing number of HTTPS sites.

Specifically, iBoss Security's latest firmware is intentionally designed for its mobile-device security platform. It allows today's schools and large organizations worldwide to secure and inspect traffic inside all HTTPS without the need of deploying root certificates, which have previously been required for validating certain types of encryption. Thanks to a few key benefits of iBoss Mobile Security, users can:

Identify threats such as malicious links embedded within an HTTPS site.

Filter a URL within an HTTPS base domain.

Control different applications such as Google, e.g., allowing only Google Docs but blocking Gmail.

"With so many major sites going the HTTPS route, the migration to HTTPS is quickly expanding, so the ability to scan across HTTPS traffic is, without a question, an ever-growing need," Martini says. "Having to juggle between scanning across HTTPS and opening the potential for MIM exploits puts organizations in a difficult situation. Clear and simple, iBoss Mobile Security enables these very organizations to protect these devices more securely."

About Phantom Technologies, Inc.

Phantom Technologies, parent company of iBoss Web Filters and Application Firewalls, provides hardware security solutions for HTTPS and Web 2.0 management. Incorporating bidirectional stream-based layer 7 filtering, zero-day hybrid cloud database and detailed drill-down reporting, iBoss Filters provides network solutions to keep up with today's high-performance fiber networks. With no per-seat licensing or throughput restrictions, iBoss Web Filters offer comprehensive performance and value. Learn more at www.iboss.com.

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