DeTron Inc. Announces Debut Of Secure Smartphone

De Fens is an Android device integrated with QDK technology via a built-in IC chip

October 26, 2012

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NEW YORK, USA — (October 24, 2012) — DeTron Inc., today announced the debut of De Fens, the first smartphone to incorporate proprietary QDK (Quantum Direct Key) security technology. De Fens, by eliminating the single biggest danger to mobile computing in the cloud—risks to the security of personal data—creates a vast new environment for trusted mobile services: the “Cryptonet.”

“De Fens represents a new kind of mobile Internet where end-to-end security is built into a smartphone’s DNA,” said Steve Chao, CEO of DeTron. “Every time an individual goes onto the Internet using their smartphone, they expose their personal data to hackers. Conventional smartphone security validation technologies are fundamentally flawed. If smartphones are the new gateway to cloud computing, De Fens, with QDK encryption, is the key to that gateway.”

DeTron’s De Fens, an Android device (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.04), is integrated with QDK technology via a built-in IC chip. QDK is a highly advanced yet efficient, cost-effective and virtually unbreakable technology that establishes an Encryption Public Key directly between the sender and recipient, certifying the individual’s unique identity. Unlike current security measures deployed on conventional computing devices, QDK requires only the sender and recipient to be involved, thus simplifying and strengthening the exchange of information.

“If the exchange of a digital certificate must go through a third-party online source, then it’s never secure. True security is offline. The QDK-powered De Fens smartphone uses algorithm logic to calculate the crypto keys required to encrypt and decrypt data without having to compromise its security measures,” explained Chao. “The only master seed key to the entire cryptosystem is stored offline and in an unknown location, away from potential hackers.”

In addition to its ability to establish the “Cryptonet,” De Fens is strong in other aspects. It features a QDK-optimized, dual-core ARMv7 Cortex A9 1GHz CPU and PowerVR SGX531 GPU for trusted 3D media. The device offers 1GB RAM with a choice of 16GB or 32GB ROM onboard storage. The 4.3” Sharp qHD color screen, sporting 960 x 540-pixel resolution, is housed in a unibody aluminium frame with Corning® Gorilla glass facing.

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De Fens’ signature cloud services include CryptoMail and CryptoMessage, the two most widely-used apps on modern smartphones. The device comes with a registration process for owners to apply for a De-Id, a true and unique crypto ID.

DeTron Ltd., the manufacturing arm affiliated with DeTron Inc., is producing the De Fens smartphone. To learn more about De Fens, visit; additional background on QDK encryption technology, including licensing opportunities, go to

About DeTron: DeTron Inc. is a leader in global solutions that protect sensitive personal information on wireless devices. The company designs, manufactures and markets integrated hardware and software that delivers secure access to email, phone, text messaging, Internet, and mobile applications. Supporting all major wireless network standards, DeTron also partners with third-party developers and manufacturers to create products and services offering assured secure wireless connectivity. Founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, California USA, DeTron has offices in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Visit DeTron at

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