Bradford Networks Launches New App That Enables Secure Network Access For iPads, iPhones

App enables trusted Apple mobile devices to fully access corporate networks

October 28, 2011

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CAMBRIDGE, MA – October 26, 2011 -- Bradford Networks (, the best choice for network security in evolving IT environments, today announced a new App that enables secure network access for trusted iPads, iPhones and other Apple devices. The App is a feature of the latest version of Bradford’s Network Sentry network access control (NAC) solution, which can automatically differentiate between corporate and personal assets, and provision network access accordingly. In a recent research report from the distinguished analyst firm Gartner Research (Strategic Road Map for Network Access Control, Oct. 11, 2011), Lawrence Orans, research director, and John Pescatore, vice president, state “Consumerization is an unstoppable trend, and most organizations need to demonstrate flexibility and allow employees to use their personal devices for work. But, they also need to establish limits and not permit every device, every operating system and every configuration. Network and security managers will use NAC to retain control of the network in a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) environment.” Gartner and others have noted that though the BYOD challenge is new in enterprises, educational institutions have been successfully addressing it for many years. Because Bradford’s early customers were primarily in the education field, the company has many years’ experience navigating BYOD issues and supports more user device types than any other NAC vendor. Bradford’s Network Sentry was designed to address the security risks introduced by BYOD, enabling organizations to gain visibility and control over mobile devices and ensure quick, convenient access for trusted devices and users. Providing secure access for corporate iPads in particular has been a huge challenge for enterprise IT teams. Sarasota Memorial Healthcare is one Bradford customer that’s looking to provide quick, convenient network access for hospital-owned iPads used by clinicians and other staff, while allowing guest access only for personal iPads. “Bradford’s ability to distinguish between corporate and personal devices, and automatically provision access accordingly, is an absolute necessity in a hospital setting, where we are subject to a number of regulations such as PCI and HIPAA,” said John Bozer, director of information systems for Sarasota Memorial Healthcare. “Bradford is right on target with this new capability.” Aside from the new Mobile App for Apple, new features in Network Sentry 5.3 include: Administrative UI Workflow: Network Sentry’s administrative user interface has been enhanced to help streamline configuration and management of security policies. Remote Office Device Support: Extends remote access and monitoring capabilities to manage devices at remote office locations, leveraging integration with technology partners such as Fortinet and SonicWALL. Enhanced Policy/Role Assignment: Provides greater visibility and flexibility for location-based policy assignment, strengthening network access control regardless of device or user location. Apps for other platforms such as Android and Windows will follow in the coming months. “The Bring-Your-Own-Device movement is increasing the table stakes for security professionals. This growing trend is resulting in a critical need to distinguish between corporate owned assets and consumer devices to ensure the appropriate security policy is applied all devices,” said Frank Andrus, CTO of Bradford Networks. “The new enhancements to Network Sentry provide our customers with greater visibility and control over all mobile devices on their network, allowing administrators to provide the right access to trusted devices and users.”

Pricing and Availability

Network Sentry 5.3 and will be generally available in November 2011. All current Bradford customers with existing maintenance contracts are entitled to upgrade to version 5.3. For further details, please contact Bradford Networks (+1 866.990.3799) or an authorized Bradford SecureNet partner.

About Bradford Networks

Bradford Networks offers the best network security solutions for evolving IT environments. The company’s flexible Network Sentry platform is the first network security offering that can automatically identify and profile all devices and all users on a network, providing complete visibility and control. Unlike vendor-specific network security products, Network Sentry provides a view across all brands of equipment and devices so nothing falls through the cracks. Hundreds of customers and millions of users worldwide rely on Bradford to secure their IP networks.

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