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Tesla’s Data Collection May Help In Autopilot Defense

The automotive company can use its data collection software to fight liability if involved in Florida crash case, say lawyers.

Tesla Motors’ wireless data collection software could play a major role in the automotive company’s defense if dragged to court over its Autopilot technology, reports Reuters. The Autopilot, available in Model S and Model X, has come under scrutiny after a fatal crash in Florida in which this mechanism was reportedly engaged.

This information could “be very helpful if it can be validated and verified and has sufficient clarity,” says attorney Don Slavik who handles such cases.

Courtroom battles involving automotive mishaps are seeing an increased use of event data recorders (EDR) by car manufacturers. While Tesla’s EDR is said to be sophisticated and can be used in a legal case, it is subject to the owner agreeing because the company’s privacy policy gives the right to the driver to not share data.

Tesla, meanwhile, did not say whether it would use the data to defend itself if required, publicly or legally.

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