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Smart Cities Have No Cybersecurity, Say 98% Of Government IT Pros

Tripwire research indicates smart grids and transportation among the services most exposed to cyberattack risks.

Ninety-eight percent of government IT professionals see smart cities as not having any protection from cyberattacks and 55% blame the cities for not focusing on cybersecurity resources, according to a survey by cybersecurity solutions provider Tripwire.

Smart grids, one of the smart city services, were seen by 38% to be more exposed to cyber risks than others, while 26% considered transportation to be more vulnerable. Other services include surveillance cameras, wastewater treatment, etc.

“Smart city initiatives are pushing the technological envelope for urban infrastructure management, and it’s clear from the survey results that cybersecurity is being left out of the conversation,” says Tim Erlin of Tripwire.

The reason for this, believe 61%, could be budgets, while 60% say it is political interference.

Rekha Shenoy of Belden says the dazzle of municipalities by the promise of Industrial Internet of Things, “will wear off quickly if smart city initiatives can’t keep up with new threats, regulatory requirements and hidden costs.”

Read the full survey here.