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Israeli Irrigation Water Controllers & Postal Service Breached

Israel's National Cyber Defense is warning of increased cyberattacks by anti-Israel groups during the month of Ramadan.

On April 5, the Israel Post fell victim to a cyberattack, forcing the mail service to shut down some services. Just two days later, farmers missed scheduled irrigation times when water controllers in the Jordan Valley were hijacked with displays that read, "You Have been hacked, Down with Israel (sic)."

These recent cyberattacks are part of a predictable wave of increased, malicious cyber activity that Israeli organizations have come to expect during the month of Ramadan, according to the Israel National Cyber Directorate, which recently issued a warning about a spike in anti-Israel hacktivist activity.

"Each year during this period, attacks such as website defacement, distribution of phishing messages, social media hacking, DDoS attacks, intrusion into company websites, and information leaks are observed — alongside publications boasting cyberattacks that did not necessarily take place," the INCD warning said. "Additional, common attacks are on website storage and building companies, in an attempt to create a wider attack that will increase awareness. It is estimated that similar attempts will take place this year as well, using simple means and exploiting common weaknesses in the cyber sphere."

The National Cyber Directorate and the Ministry of Agriculture are investigating the breaches of the Israel Post and the irrigation system, according to reports. Other Israeli organizations breached in recent weeks include websites for Israel Railways, airlines, universities, and more, all part of the "OPIsrael" campaign waged each year, reports added.

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