March 5, 2024

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CHICAGO — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Network Perception, innovators of operational technology (OT) solutions that protect mission-critical assets, today introduced new platform features and capabilities as part of its roll-out of NP-View version 5.0, including next-generation network access modeling and rapid verification of zone-to-zone segmentation.

The NP-View 5.0 platform provides OT network cybersecurity professionals with a holistic Zone Matrix that illustrates the communication between user created topology zones, alongside subnet, and services information.

The 5.0 platform also provides a more specific, device level Interface Connectivity Matrix that displays interface interconnectivity on an identified network device as well as the communications between security zones defined on the device.

NP-View also offers enhanced reporting capabilities for individual devices and topology views, 5.0 provides 3 new tables including: a network device interfaces table, a routes on network devices table, and a Network Address Translation (NAT) table.

“NP-View 5.0 provides an independent, standardized approach to validating the state of network assets and configurations - without requiring access to the network itself,” said Robin Berthier, co-founder and CEO of Network Perception. “Utilizing a lightweight non-invasive technology, it's the fastest way to understand a network and verify zone-to-zone segmentation instantly. It provides a clear visual of how traffic can flow across the network, offering key insights on zone-to-zone access policies. Complete network security reviews that have previously taken our customers months can now be completed in a few hours.”

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About Network Perception

Since 2017, Network Perception has set the standard for best-in-class OT network cybersecurity audit and compliance solutions. Its flagship product, NP-View, provides a lightweight, non-invasive network visualization platform for OT networks that enables organizations to rapidly identify network misconfigurations, assess risk, and ensure compliance. Network Perception is securing the connected infrastructure that runs the world!

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