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Employees Stream Entertainment on Enterprise Systems During Pandemic

Employees aren't limiting use of their work computers to business purposes while working from home.

The work-life balance problem has come to enterprise workstations as hundreds of thousands of those computers have migrated to employee homes during the coronavirus pandemic. While there, more than 74% have been used to stream video from consumer entertainment services, according to a new report.

The NetMotion report is based on data aggregated from the company's VPN users. It found that YouTube and Netflix are the most-often-watched services, with Hulu, Amazon, and Disney+ also finding viewers among corporate users. Nearly one-third (30%) of respondents admitted streaming video during "office" hours, implying that more than two-thirds are using the enterprise systems to stream entertainment video outside of normal work time.

Those hours of watching videos add up: Nearly two-thirds (65%) of employees are watching more than five hours of streaming video on their work computers each week, while one-fifth (20%) are bingeing on more than 10 hours of video on their business computers each week.

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