7 Deadly Sins That Get Users Hacked

How users and their endpoints are leveraged by the bad guys to eventually find their way to critical data
 Taking The Phishing Bait
 Falling For Phony Phone Calls
 Keeping Systems Unpatched
 Using Weak Passwords
 Using Public WiFi Unprotected
 Going TMI On Social Media
 Going Off The IT Grid

Common knowledge has it that users are the weakest link in the IT risk management world—particularly negligent or uneducated users. But how exactly are the bad guys taking advantage of this ignorance or lack of care to break into users' endpoints and corporate accounts? Many of their methods involve just a little bit of psychological sleight of hand because phishing and social engineering tend to play a part in most attacks. Here are some of the worst ways users make themselves open to the onslaught.


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