Ziften Rolls Out Next-Gen Endpoint Solution

Ziften’s Next-gen Endpoint Security Solution Deploys in Minutes to Immediately Discover, Analyze, and Seal Security Exposures Where Businesses are Most Vulnerable

July 21, 2015

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AUSTIN, Texas – July 21, 2015 - Ziften today announced general availability of Ziften v4.5 to deliver unprecedented visibility, all the way to the endpoint, for enterprise security teams. Ziften’s continuous endpoint visibility solution reduces threat detection and mitigation time by 70 percent – on average from 14 hours to 4 hours – with the ability to stop the attack from spreading, potentially eliminating millions in costs, and saving a company’s reputation with their customers, employees, partners, and investors.

With the cost of data breaches increasing by 23% since 2013 and the hourly cost for incident response surpassing $400, the mean time to identify and respond to attacks has become a business imperative. Ziften’s latest release addresses this issue directly by building upon the company’s purpose-built endpoint detection and response solution with several new features that provide extended visibility, enhanced incident response, and rapid analysis, empowering security teams to identify and respond to potential attacks faster.

“In business, time has always meant money, and today’s cyber attackers are getting faster, smarter, and more targeted than ever before, working their way around traditional prevention solutions and often getting straight to the endpoints. As a result, organizations may be compromised for days or even weeks without any visibility into malicious behavior,” said Charles Leaver, CEO, Ziften. “Reducing time-to-detection, as well as the resulting time-to-mitigation, has now become critical, and that means a purpose-built solution for endpoint visibility. Ziften has been leading the innovation in this industry for five years, providing full context into the threats living at the endpoint, and an architecture that allows deployment in minutes, and within hours serves up intelligence to safeguard your network, employees, customers, and reputation.”

The solution has also introduced several integrations that amplify organizations’ currently deployed products in both security and network operations, as well as automated integration with a team’s workflow and skillset. Global organizations are already integrating Ziften with leading network, systems, and security management tools, as well as the National Vulnerabilities Database (NVD), and Active Directory. The robust functionality of Ziften merges operational efficiency and security prowess to provide unparalleled organizational resiliency.

"Many organizations have conceded that their traditional anti-malware defenses have failed and that a new strategy must be created to identify these breaches at the endpoint. A significant number of recent data breaches from advanced forms of malware has increased client interest in Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools. EDR tools provide insights into malware infection and subsequent internal lateral movement of threat actors while they perform discovery scans or as they use stolen credentials across the internal network against systems and applications.” - Lawrence Pingree – Gartner

Ziften v4.5 Features and Benefits

Ziften is deployed in minutes, not days. It has ultra-low resource consumption and leaves only a negligible footprint while maximizing data storage retention. Additional features and benefits include:

·         Ziften ZFlow™ provides greater network visibility by providing full visibility, contextual intelligence, user behavioral analysis, and integration into previously deployed security tools, eliminating the guesswork in discovering cyberattacks.

  • Fetching executables from endpoints provides continuous access to any binary that has executed in your environment, regardless of whether it was downloaded or brought in via removable media.

  • Out-of-the-box National Vulnerabilities Database (NVD) integration, giving you continuous insight into vulnerable applications running on your endpoint

  • Integration with Palo Alto’s WildFire, Splunk, Lancope, Active Directory, AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange (OTX), ServiceNow, SolarWinds, and any SIEM

  • Expanded suspect executable analysis from endpoint using the Ziften endpoint collector for submission to Palo Alto Wildfire for threat analysis

  • Expanded help desk integration through SolarWinds and WebHelpDesk, which are now alert delivery options, integrating Ziften continuous endpoint monitoring with desktop service and support workflows

  • Instant SIEM integration of Ziften alerts with CEF-formatted real-time alerting enabling correlation with other log data captured in SIEM

  • Windows and OS X patch level tracking, including availability and successful/failed patches

  • Enterprise-class dashboards for both security and operational insight

·         Enhanced compliance monitoring tracks and reports both policy-mandated and prohibited agents and applications across the endpoint population, while providing continuous audit confirmation to ensure what should be running is running and what should not be running is not running.

Ziften No Commit, No Hassle Proof of Concept

Ziften v4.5 is available for Download Now.

About Ziften

Ziften provides continuous endpoint visibility to the enterprise. Combining real-time user, device and threat behavior monitoring, analytics, and reporting, Ziften takes the complexity, time, and cost out of endpoint detection and response with an easy-to-use solution that deploys in minutes, not days. Security teams throughout the world use Ziften’s solution to augment their existing infrastructure and amplify their resources to more easily and automatically pinpoint and respond to threats, vulnerabilities, and abnormalities. Keep your business on point and protect to the end with Ziften at www.ziften.com


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