YouMail Launches YouMail Protective Services for Carriers and Enterprises

Protect enterprises from the harm of unwanted voice-based phishing perpetrated by bad actors.

May 17, 2022

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IRVINE, Calif., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- YouMail today announced the launch of YouMail Protective Services, which provides a set of services that perform AI-based threat detection, analysis, and mitigation for communications service providers (CSP) and enterprises to protect against unwanted and malicious traffic. These services are effectively a B2B watchdog solution that helps telecommunications carriers uncover unlawful calls made on their networks, and helps large enterprises protect their brands against robocall spoofing campaigns.

YouMail Protective Service identifies scam calling traffic by relying upon a team of experts, data from billions of calls and thousands of calling campaigns, and YouMail's patented technologies. All these services rely on data from the YouMail Sensor Network, which is collected via messages and audio trails left by illegal robocalls to YouMail app users, which represent real consumers and small- to medium-sized businesses. In turn, the data is then used by authorities to sanction bad actors, and to support legal actions taken against malicious robocallers, connecting YouMail users directly to the fight.

"We are proud to announce the general availability of YouMail Protective Services to help carriers and enterprises shut down voice and SMS communications that harm their customers and brands," said Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail. "These services represent yet another way YouMail's large and engaged user base is contributing to this fight against illegal robocalls."

YouMail Protective Services provide two services that help protect enterprises from the harm of unwanted voice-based phishing, or vishing attacks, perpetrated by bad actors. These turn-key risk management solutions address threats to enterprise identity due to fraudulent robocalls including brand impersonation over the voice channel.

  • YouMail Brand Defender is a complete managed detection and response solution that protects enterprises from brand impersonation through voice-based phishing attacks. Such vishing attacks can damage corporate reputations and harm brand values, and affect just about every brand with any consumer visibility. The service detects and eliminates imposter traffic, protecting brand image, company reputation, and customer relationships. YouMail's patented technology provides zero-hour identification of unwanted robocalls, powering solutions for enterprise protection against the impact of bad actor campaigns. Brand Defender customers benefit from a comprehensive solution that incorporates alerts and reporting, mitigation, and enforcement including support for litigation against bad actors.

  • YouMail Brand Monitor provides surveillance of brand identity over the voice channel. This includes explicit unauthorized brand name mentions as part of voice phishing scams as well as implied references to brand relationships. Customers are notified upon detection of potential trademark infringement and/or inappropriate brand mentions, including incidences involving unlawful behavior or ill intent associated with voice calls. Brands are also informed regarding the potential impact of the impersonation incidents including call volume of bad actor campaigns.

YouMail Protective Services provides three services that help Communication Services Providers and their vendors eliminate unlawful voice and text campaigns. The services help detect and interdict unwanted traffic that would otherwise originate, traverse, or terminate on their networks.

  • YouMail Score provides phone number scoring as a service derived via content-based analytics that shows exactly what sorts of behaviors various numbers are engaging in.

  • YouMail Watch analyzes phone number behavior. The service provides visibility into usage behaviors including identification of audio content from unwanted robocalls that may be associated with telephone numbers of interest.

  • YouMail Clear combines data analysis and content-based analytics to locate instances of bad behavior in their networks. CSP data analysis requires the CSP to provide YouMail with network traffic data. The service represents a fully integrated network solution that analyzes every communication instance handled by the CSP with comparative analysis to data independently captured by the YouMail Sensor Network.

These B2B services enable CSPs to comply with FCC requirements under the TRACED Act to mitigate unwanted robocalls. The mandate requires solutions for real-time mitigation such as blocking, labeling, and redirection, as well as visibility into telephone number scoring and labeling. YouMail provides reports that help customers understand the scope, impact, and source of problematic or fraudulent calling campaigns. The B2B service also provides evidential proof of wrongdoing to support court actions for prosecution of responsible parties.

YouMail's new B2B services build on partnerships with communication service providers and US authorities to shut down campaigns and block bad actors from gaining network access.

YouMail serves in a key technical role for US Telecom's Industry Traceback Group, or ITG. YouMail has provided examples of the most pervasive illegal robocall calls to its users, which can then be traced back to the source carriers and customers, often in hours, helping to quickly identify the sources of illegal calls.

YouMail's contributions also stem in part from its robocall blocking app and the YouMail Robocall Index, which is widely recognized as the country's premier source of public information and education about illegal robocalls.

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About YouMail, Inc.

YouMail protects consumers, enterprises, and carriers from harmful phone calls. YouMail protects consumers with app-based call protection services in the US and the UK, with the YouMail, Another Number, and Hullo Mail apps. YouMail protects consumer-facing enterprises by detecting and helping to shut down imposter traffic that can lead to financial or brand damage. We protect carriers with robocall mitigation services that detect when bad traffic is originating, traversing, or terminating on their networks. Our direct consumer solutions answer over a billion live calls per year across well over 10 million registered users, powering America's most robust telephone sensor network in identifying and providing zero-hour protection against illegal calling campaigns and cyberattacks. We also operate the YouMail Robocall Index™, the nation's definitive source on telephone network activity and attacks. YouMail, Inc. is privately funded and based in Irvine, California.

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