Wombat Security Expands Security Awareness Training Capabilities with Bit9 + Carbon Black Partnership

New Technology Partnership Enables Businesses to Sense and Interrupt Risky Employee Behavior With "Just-in-Time" Training to Lower Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

July 14, 2015

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PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - July 14, 2015) - Wombat Security Technologies (Wombat) today announced a technology partnership with Bit9 + Carbon Black to connect Wombat's leading Security Awareness and Training solution with Carbon Black, an advanced endpoint threat detection and response solution. This technology partnership will enable companies to sense and interrupt risky employee behavior with helpful "just-in-time" training to lower their overall cyber security risk. When Carbon Black identifies end users who have received emails with, or downloaded, potentially dangerous files, the joint solution can trigger user enrollment in Wombat's interactive training modules such as Email Security or Security Essentials. This raises the effectiveness of both endpoint security and security education with "just-in-time" training to change employee behavior and strengthen their defense against cyber attacks.

According to nearly every industry analyst security report published since 2014, employee and end user vulnerabilities have become a main concern for businesses across the globe. Often end users are the easiest entry point for hackers, no matter how much security technology a business has deployed.

"This is one of those partnerships that immediately strikes you as a 'no-brainer', though this is the first of its kind I'm aware of," said Adrian Sanabria, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research. "I strongly believe security products will be valued, more and more in the future, based on how well they integrate with existing investments. This partnership is a big win for everyone involved -- Bit9 + Carbon Black, Wombat Security and most of all, enterprise customers whose users will depend less on detection/prevention technology as they get better at spotting threats."

Brian Hazzard, Vice President of Technical Alliances for Bit9 + Carbon Black, said, "Our partnership with Wombat Security is a great example of how we work with partners to leverage Carbon Black's open application programming interface (API) to deliver best-of-breed detection and response at the endpoint. In this case we are extending past the endpoint and creating a holistic solution by reaching the end user."

The first phase of the companies' partnership will focus on potentially malicious files, such as infected attachments in emails or files on their computer. Wombat Security's unique Auto-enrollment feature will send a training assignment email immediately after an employee exhibits a risky behavior. This feature has previously been proven to increase training completion rates five to tenfold.

Identifying and alerting end users to potentially malicious attachments/files is the first of several use cases where Bit9 + Carbon Black and Wombat Security will integrate their systems to increase companies' ability to thwart cyber-attacks. By detecting unsafe employee behaviors and delivering immediate training to quickly shore up weak areas, businesses can strengthen their overall security posture. This leverages Wombat Security's patent pending solution for sensing end user behavior and delivering intervention training.

"We are thrilled to progress toward our vision for this one of a kind solution for proactively monitoring end user behavior and delivering content appropriate intervention training. Thanks to our technology integration with Bit9 + Carbon Black, we can provide a complete solution where Carbon Black remediates the end point and Wombat remediates the end user thereby delivering improved risk reduction to our customers, the Information Security Officers," said Joe Ferrara, President and CEO Wombat Security.

Recent awards and recognition for Wombat include winning two Info Security Products Guide Awards, winning the Cyber Defense Innovator Award, being named one of the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies in 2015, winner of the 2015 Pennsylvania Governor's Impact Awards and being designated one of the hot 500 Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2015.

About Wombat Security Technologies
Wombat Security Technologies provides information security awareness and training software to help organizations teach their employees secure behavior. Their SaaS cyber security education solution includes a platform of integrated broad assessments, as well as a library of simulated attacks and brief interactive training modules. Wombat's solutions help organizations reduce successful phishing attacks and malware infections up to 90%. Wombat is helping Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 customers in industry segments such as finance, technology, banking, higher education, retail, and consumer packaged goods to strengthen their cyber security defenses.

About Bit9 + Carbon Black
Bit9 + Carbon Black provides the most complete solution against advanced threats that target organizations' endpoints and servers, making it easier to see -- and immediately stop -- those threats. The company enables organizations to arm their endpoints by combining continuous, real-time visibility into what's happening on every computer; real-time signature-less threat detection; incident response that combines a recorded history with live remediation; and prevention that is proactive and customizable. More than 1,000 organizations worldwide -- from Fortune 100 companies to small enterprises -- use Bit9 + Carbon Black to increase security, reduce operational costs and improve compliance. Leading managed security service providers (MSSP) and incident response (IR) companies have made Bit9 + Carbon Black a core component of their detection and response services.


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