SecureAuth Announces General Availability of Arculix, Its Next-Gen Passwordless, Continuous-Authentication Platform

Next-gen platform delivers adaptive and robust, continuous authentication with identity orchestration and a frictionless user experience.

August 31, 2022

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IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 31, 2022 — SecureAuth, a leader in access management and authentication, announces the general availability of Arculix, a next-generation access management and continuous authentication platform. Driven by SecureAuth’s patented risk-based behavioral modeling engine, Arculix provides end users with a frictionless and passwordless digital journey.

The platform takes into account an identity’s level of assurance based on user, device and browser trust that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to determine anomalous behavior. Arculix enables organizations to accelerate their Zero Trust initiatives by ensuring the right digital identities have the right amount of access to the right resources while improving user experience by eliminating the need to repeatedly ask users to re-authenticate. It can be deployed as a standalone identity provider or can extend other IdPs, like Microsoft (E3/E5 subscriptions), if the customer chooses to leverage their existing primary identity provider but needs to implement more advanced risk-based continuous authentication.

“Arculix’s groundbreaking AI-driven behavioral modeling and device trust capabilities take identity and access management (IAM) to a new level of security and user experience with passwordless authentication,” said Mark Mahovlich, Vice President of Strategy and Execution, ICM Cyber, a SecureAuth certified partner. “With Arculix we are helping our customers implement true passwordless and continuous authentication to mature their IAM programs and better secure their organizations.”

“With Arculix, organizations can improve digital experience and productivity at a time when identity has become the primary attack surface,” said Matt Ulery, Chief Product Officer, SecureAuth. “Organizations can have simplicity without sacrificing flexibility, enable a Zero Trust approach and leverage actionable threat intelligence and situational context to deliver the right user experience for workforce and customers. Early adopters of Arculix within the financial and insurance industries have been able to improve user experience and reduce help desk costs while reducing identity attacks including fraud, account take over (ATO) and credential stuffing.”

Arculix generates a risk score at the start of the user journey when logging into a device that is used to grant access to everything the user needs like web apps, servers, and services without interacting with another factor check. Risk is continuously re-assessed to provide invisible multi-factor authentication (MFA) that utilizes analytics to deliver a frictionless user experience with adaptive workflows that step-up or step-down authentication based on overall risk.

"Identity security remains a top concern and investment area for most enterprise and government organizations especially given that universal adoption of passwordless log-in technology is encouraged by leaders such as Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, and more," said Jay Bretzmann, Research Vice President for Security Products, IDC. “Arculix has the potential to be a Phoenix taking advanced authentication technology to the next adoption level so that security teams actually start to use it.”

Arculix Platform

Key features of the Arculix platform include:

1. Arculix Risk Analysis — Based on its innovative behavioral modeling patent technology and AI, this system allows for a frictionless authentication process as well as the ability to predict a user’s digital behavior and patterns to preemptively prevent fraud.

2. Arculix Device Trust — This capability utilizes analytics to evaluate device context and telemetry to provide a seamless experience to create the user’s digital DNA for resource and app access/usage. Arculix Device Trust is FIDO2 certified.

3. Arculix Mobile App — The mobile app informs end-users of risk after login based on device and browser fingerprint analysis after login and automatically performs step-up login when a threat is detected.

To learn more, visit, Arculix Overview.

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