SE Labs Unveils Latest Comparative Analysis of Endpoint Detection and Response Products

July 26, 2023

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London, UK (26 July 2023) – SE Labs, the leader in intelligence-led computer security testing, announced today the results of its latest Enterprise Advanced Security Report, which directly compares six market leading Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) products. Notably, the products that achieved perfect scores for detection accuracy and effective response were CrowdStrike Falcon, Kaspersky EDR Expert, and Symantec Endpoint Security Complete.

The results of SE Labs' comprehensive test serve as a valuable resource for businesses seeking reliable endpoint security solutions to protect their critical assets from ever-evolving cyber threats. This is because SE Labs’ rigorous evaluation exposes market-leading endpoint security solutions to the widest array of threats available in any currently public test. All of SE Lab’s test simulations are based on real-world attack scenarios witnessed over the past few years.

"An Endpoint Detection and Response product is more than just antivirus software, which is why advanced testing is crucial. Testers must emulate real attackers and follow each step of an attack to truly understand the capabilities of EDR security products," says Simon Edwards, CEO of SE Labs.

The primary objective of SE Labs' Endpoint Detection and Response product test was to assess the effectiveness of different security solutions against hacking attacks designed to compromise systems and infiltrate target networks, simulating the tactics employed by criminals and other malicious actors. The testers conducted full chains of attack, mirroring real attackers by employing various tools, techniques, and vectors before attempting to gain lower-level and more powerful access. They also endeavoured to complete their missions, including data exfiltration, system damage, and lateral movement within the network.

Throughout the test, SE Labs meticulously examined each product's ability to:

  • Detect the delivery of targeted attacks.

  • Track different elements of the attack chain, extending beyond the endpoint to the wider network.

  • Assess how well the products handled legitimate files alongside potential threats to evaluate false positive detections or other sub-optimal interactions.

The results revealed that all of the tested products demonstrated an ability to detect some parts of each targeted attack and track most subsequent malicious activities during the simulated attacks.

To access the full report and learn more about the findings, please visit

About SE Labs

SE Labs Ltd is a private, independently owned and run testing company that assesses computer security products and services designed to detect attacks, protect against intrusions or both. All tests are technically accurate and relevant, and are conducted with the utmost integrity. The company performs private testing as well as producing public reports. For more information please visit

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