Okta Announces Project Onramp for One-Click App Setup

One click from the Okta dashboard can enable customers to find, set up, and provide workers access to Box, Workplace by Facebook, OrgWiki, PagerDuty, RingCentral, McAfee, Zscaler and Zylo.

May 24, 2018

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LAS VEGAS — May 23, 2018 — Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ:OKTA), the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, today announced Project Onramp, a new initiative that allows IT admins to find, test, set up and give their workers access to and secure their data in apps and services with one click from the Okta Integration Network. Founding partners include Box, Workplace by Facebook, OrgWiki, PagerDuty, RingCentral, McAfee, Zscaler and Zylo. Integrations include standing up a tenant with full enterprise functionality. Project Onramp is now open to application providers everywhere.

The rise of cloud applications has enabled organizations to adopt leading and innovative technologies to drive their missions forward. With Project Onramp, companies can more easily find and test new, innovative tools for their teams – enabling workers to securely try out tools from Okta’s leading ecosystem partners tailored to specific needs. Project Onramp also simplifies the process and reduces time spent on creating and connecting users to services for IT by allowing organizations to spin up tenants of and secure their data in applications such as Box, McAfee, Workplace and RingCentral with one click in Okta. Administrators can also ensure that only the right people or teams have access to a particular app in their organization. Project Onramp makes it easy to pre-select a test group and also eliminates the need to manually import specific users or go through the process of connecting to a legacy system such as Active Directory. 

“For almost a decade, Okta has been the connective tissue between people and applications. Today, with Project Onramp, we’re making it even easier for organizations to give workers access to the tools they need,” said Todd McKinnon, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Okta. “It’s simple: our customers start with Okta as the central hub for their apps and services. Our partners are connected to Okta to make it easier and more secure to give access to workers. Let’s make it easier for IT to get up and running – just one click, and you’re ready to go.”

“At Box, our mission is to power how the world works together by driving seamless collaboration at every enterprise. That’s why we are joining Project Onramp and are excited that with just one click, organizations will be able to deploy Box right within Okta," said Jeetu Patel, Chief Product Officer, Box. “Almost every business process revolves around content and as organizations increasingly move this critical content to the cloud, Box is the secure content platform of choice for enterprises around the world.”

“Businesses large and small are looking for ways to more easily and securely give their workers the most innovative tools available to do their best work, but getting to that goal hasn’t always been as easy at it should be. By joining Okta’s Project Onramp initiative, we’ll help more organizations collaborate and get more done – making it simple to give their teams access to Workplace right within Okta,” said Julien Codorniou, Vice President, Workplace by Facebook.

“At McAfee, we aim to create a world where security accelerates business. In order to realize the business innovation and growth offered by the cloud, companies need to make sure that their data in any cloud service is secure. The integration of McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud with Okta’s Project Onramp will enable customers to protect their data in any cloud service with just one click,” said Rajiv Gupta, Senior Vice President of the Cloud Security Business Unit, McAfee.

"Our application is a next-generation company directory. With Okta Onramp, any Okta customer can press a button and instantly create a new OrgWiki tenant, with all their employees already populated,” said Chris van Loben Sels, General Manager, OrgWiki at Veeva Systems. “This changes integrating enterprise applications so dramatically that it will unlock the growth of a new generation of enterprise solutions."

"As businesses are increasingly becoming reliant on their 'always-on' SaaS tech stacks, more knowledge workers across companies are now required to respond to, take action and engage other key individuals in real-time. By participating in Okta's Project Onramp initiative, we'll help more responders instantly engage any employee across the business when seconds matter," said Jonathan Rende, Senior Vice President, Products and Marketing, PagerDuty.

"Together, our solutions enable the future of work with seamless mobility, security and communication. This initiative will make it even easier for our joint customers to manage employee access across all company communication channels while maintaining a real-time universal cloud directory of employee contacts and offices,” said Marty Piombo, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, RingCentral.

“Today the ability to deliver a superior end-user experience for our customers is of paramount importance,” said Punit Minocha, Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development, Zscaler. “Project Onramp demonstrates our commitment in ensuring that every Okta and Zscaler joint customer has access to the services they need to enable their secure cloud transformation journey, in a way that is simple, fast and scalable.”

“Zylo, combined with the power of Okta, provides customers complete financial, licensing, and usage visibility into every cloud subscription. With Project Onramp, Okta customers can easily get started with Zylo to find more applications to secure with Okta and optimize licensing to get the most value from each provider," said Eric Christopher, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Zylo.

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