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Moving Towards Secure PHI In The Cloud, Prescription Savings Company Adopts Managed Encryption Services

Rx Savings Solutions blends FireHost’s secure managed cloud and encryption service based on Vormetric technology to protect ePHI, comply with HIPAA

June 23, 2015

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RICHARDSON, Texas – June 23, 2015 – Saving patients money on rising prescription costs is only half of the challenge faced by Rx Savings Solutions, an emerging software-as-a-service provider that helps patients and self-insured employers find the best price on medication. Preventing data breaches by building patient trust through compliance, security and confidentiality is the biggest cost avoidance opportunity of all.

To ensure their customer and patient data is protected, Rx Savings Solutions relies on FireHost as its secure managed cloud provider. Today, FireHost announces that Rx Savings Solutions is taking an extremely proactive approach to reducing risk by utilizing its managed encryption service for data-at-rest protection.

The encryption service, managed by FireHost’s security experts, is based on technology from encryption leader Vormetric, one of its key partners. Together, the partnership between FireHost and Vormetric is redefining the approach security- and compliance-driven companies can take in protecting sensitive data through a managed cloud provider model.


Key Highlights

  • Electronic personal healthcare information (ePHI) is 10-20 times more valuable than credit card data (Reuters).

  • Through its partnership with Vormetric, FireHost enables Rx Savings Solutions and other HIPAA-driven healthcare organizations to encrypt sensitive data and files on servers, control access to the encrypted data, and then report on who is accessing that data.

  • Vormetric partners with FireHost to provide the encryption technology that enables the service.

  • Data-at-rest encryption is one of the most proven approaches to sound cybersecurity and is fundamental in complying with HIPAA.

  • By building customer trust and encrypting personally identifiable information (PII), Rx Savings Solutions can save patients up to 45 percent on prescription costs.

  • FireHost’s secure managed cloud, which incorporates this data-at-rest encryption service, is a major part of Rx Savings Solutions’ approach to reducing risk for their operations and patients.

  • Rx Savings Solutions offloads around-the-clock security management responsibilities to FireHost’s team of specialized experts and security operations professionals.



Bo Lais, CTO | Rx Savings Solutions

“Protecting ePHI data is a top priority for Rx Savings Solutions and, therefore, encryption plays a key role in our security framework. We take advantage of FireHost's partnership with Vormetric to utilize sophisticated encryption to protect the sensitive personal data of our members. The service is part of our strategic approach to embrace FireHost’s secure managed cloud provider model to help us protect member data and operations. This enables us to smartly balance our focus and help educate our members on their prescription medication options.”

Kurt Hagerman, CISO | FireHost

“True cybersecurity and compliance programs are organic and always evolving. Proactive organizations constantly evaluate their security posture, risk and compliance scope. Rx Savings Solutions is an extremely forward-thinking healthcare IT company that is doing just that. They acknowledge the strengths of their in-house and external teams and play to their strengths for the reason that matters most — putting the health and security of their patients first.”

CJ Radford, VP Cloud | Vormetric

“Use of data-at-rest encryption, access controls and access monitoring are among the strongest, and most proven best practices for preventing data breaches, and also allow healthcare organizations to meet many ePHI requirements. With their use of these security controls, Rx Savings Solutions is taking a market-leading stance — using protection for their customers’ private information that reaches beyond compliance requirements to stop the most advanced threats to data.”



FireHost Secure Cloud for Healthcare: https://www.firehost.com/secure-cloud/compliant/hipaa

Vormetric Data Security Manager: http://www.vormetric.com/products/data-security-manager

Rx Savings Solutions: https://www.rxsavingssolutions.com/


About Vormetric

Vormetric is the industry leader in data security solutions that protect data-at-rest across physical, big data and cloud environments. Vormetric helps over 1500 customers, including 17 of the Fortune 30, to meet compliance requirements and protect what matters – their sensitive data – from both internal and external threats. The company’s scalable Vormetric Data Security Platform protects any file, any database and any application’s data — anywhere it resides — with a high performance, market-leading solution set. For more information, please visit: www.vormetric.com.


About FireHost

FireHost offers the most secure, managed cloud available, protecting sensitive data and brand reputations of some of the largest companies in the world. With private cloud infrastructure built for security, compliance, performance and managed service, responsible businesses choose FireHost to reduce risk and improve the collection, storage and transmission of their most confidential data. Based in Dallas, FireHost is the chosen secure private cloud service provider for brands that won't compromise on the security of their payment card, healthcare, and other regulated data. For more information, visit www.firehost.com.


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