LiveEnsure Launches FourSure, a Peer-to-Peer Trust App

The FourSure mobile app enables peer users to authenticate each other and protect their shared content across any social or storage network

May 13, 2015

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PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 12, 2015 – LiveEnsure®, Inc., a market leader in real-time user authentication, today announced FourSure™, a peer-to-peer app that puts trust, privacy and control of their content back in the hands of users. As a pure mobile app, FourSure allows users to secure any link, file, message, tweet, post, share or content and engage in private, off-grid peer-to-peer chatting with no local or cloud storage, history or archive.

Backed by patented authentication technology and a global cloud infrastructure, FourSure leverages existing social and communication networks, identities and assets, while also adding the missing piece of peer-driven authentication and content control. Users can set who, how, where and when shares, links, payments, files and chats can be accessed, across a number of authentication factors. These factors include devices, wearables, location, behavior and shared knowledge, and even TouchID® on a peer-to-peer basis. FourSure enables users to take back control over the Internet, their content, privacy and authenticity. 

“With our current security landscape, it’s next to impossible to confirm an identity on the other end of a session, chat, message, link, share or payment. Beyond a simple password, PIN or link, users have been forced to give up control of content once it has left their device,” said Christian Hessler, founder and CEO of LiveEnsure. “We created FourSure to simplify and secure even the most basic functions we all perform online on mobile devices, and have done so with trust, privacy and control built into its core DNA. We’re enabling users to secure existing SSOs, social networks, friends, fans, cloud storage and online identities all from their mobile device. FourSure adds the power to enforce peer-to-peer authentication on a one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many level from within apps, shares, posts and chats. We’re giving users the power to simply trust one another.”

FourSure is powered by LiveEnsure® authentication technology through a seamless app-to-app tap-driven interaction that is invisible to the storage and social networks. FourSure is presently in beta and will be available worldwide in June. For additional information, please visit

About LiveEnsure

LiveEnsure® is real-time user authentication that goes beyond a scan, push, PIN, SIM, OTP, OOB or password. It's just powerful, seamless four-factor verification (device, location, knowledge and behavior) with elegant usability and unsurpassed individual privacy. For more information, visit   

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