Global Velocity Announces its New Approach to Cyber Security Today

Securio™ provides a simple, cost-effective solution for protecting data stored in the enterprise or cloud.

May 23, 2014

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ST. LOUIS – May 20, 2014 – Global Velocity, a developer of Information-Centric Security (ICS) solutions, announces the release of its easy-to-use SecurioTM platform that does what endpoint security and data loss prevention software cannot: protect information from theft or loss whether it is stored inside the enterprise or the cloud. Securio is designed to secure data from the inside-out, as opposed to traditional cyber protection methods that focus on the outside-in by hardening points of entry to the data center and network.

Securio is particularly beneficial for small-and medium-sized businesses, because while SMBs are among the largest adopters of cloud-based services such as Dropbox, Salesforce and Evernote, they typically lack the expertise and resources to build a strong security posture. According to a recent Verizon report, 62 percent of breaches impacted smaller organizations in 2013. [i]  Additionally, the Ponemon Institute found that 59 percent of SMBs admit they do not have sufficient experience in IT security. [ii]

“Employees want to use their own smartphones, tablets and other devices to access information that is increasingly stored and managed in the cloud, creating new security risks,” says Greg Sullivan, CEO of Global Velocity. “The Securio cloud platform offers a fast, functional, and scalable defense against data breaches that is cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and helps manage risk to understand exactly where data lives and who has access to it.  Users simply point their devices to the Securio platform, select the policies to enforce, and Securio provides the protection.”

Securio is available as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), a prepackaged hardware appliance, or a combination of the two. There are four key components:

  • Discover: inspects data storage areas at rest using document “fingerprints,” pattern matching and keyword dictionary comparisons. The digital fingerprints create a “virtual vault” that Discover uses to detect when the sensitive content, or portions of it, have been moved to unauthorized network storage locations, an indicator of possible malicious activity.

  • Protect: defends against unauthorized data loss in motion over the Web and through email.  Securio scans all outbound traffic for fingerprint, pattern, and keyword matches preventing sensitive data from being sent to unauthorized users or locations.  The user defines policies that will determine if certain data is blocked, quarantined, or logged when it’s being sent. 

  • Track: constant monitoring data in use to track and record the genealogy and chain of custody of sensitive documents to identify meaningful deviations from normal behavior that point to possible malicious intent.

  •  Manage: easy-to-use and intuitive web interface that showcases all of Securio’s results based on its single unified policy.

Securio provides real-time consolidated reporting and analysis across users and devices no matter their location. This enables companies to detect and prevent a breach or data loss without limiting employees from using their preferred devices and cloud-based services that sit outside the company network. For more information, view the video “Introducing Securio” on the Global Velocity web site:

David Ramos, IT Manager at Eden Energy Works, LLC, a developer of next-generation energy device technologies, says protecting Eden’s proprietary engineering and manufacturing data drove him to implement Securio.

“We leverage Google Docs and other cloud tools and services to collaborate with our employees, suppliers and partners on product development projects, and Securio provides us with the ability to inspect important data as it is being stored,” adds Ramos. “With Securio, we can block the transmission of content we deem to be too sensitive to be stored in the cloud.  For other data, we can choose to allow documents to be “cloud stored” but still log any activity to track which users are using the data. This added level of cloud security that Securio provides, gives us more confidence to securely use cloud based applications and services.”

 Pricing and availability

Securio is available as a cloud-based software-as-a-service, pre-packaged hardware appliance, or as a hybrid utilizing both hardware and cloud services. The monthly costs vary depending on a company’s needs.

Please visit for additional information.

About Global Velocity

Global Velocity provides affordable and easy-to-use information security solutions that allow companies to protect their most valuable digital assets and brands from loss or misuse, while assisting them in maintaining their compliance, audit and security obligations. This proven next generation cybersecurity software is scalable and extendable for deployment in both enterprise and cloud environments.

Global Velocity is made up of a world-class team with experience in designing cyber security solutions for U.S. government defense and intelligence operations.  Learn more at


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[i] “2013 Data Breach Investigations Report,” Verizon Enterprise, April 2014, available from Verizon

[ii] “The Risk of an Uncertain Security Strategy: Study of Global IT Practitioners in SMB Organizations,” Ponemon Institute, Nov. 2013, available from Sophos.

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