DomainTools Launches New Cyber Threat Solution, PhishEye, to Stop Phishing Attacks Before They Occur

New Cybersecurity Technology Leverages World's Largest DNS Database to Help Organizations Take Preventative Action Against Threats and Monitor "Phishy" Domain Names

November 3, 2016

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SEATTLE, Nov. 3, 2016 -- DomainTools®, the leader in domain name and DNS-based cyber threat intelligence, today announced the launch of PhishEye, a simple yet effective new security solution that helps to prevent phishing attacks before they happen. Powered by DomainTools' market-leading domain name discovery and profiling systems, PhishEye automates the process of identifying look-alike domains that spoof brand, product, or organization names. Security teams that use PhishEye can rely on DomainTools to identify potential domain-based threats and proactively defend networks against future phishing attacks.

Phishing activity is at an all-time high, causing significant financial and brand damage. In fact, fake website and phishing scams cost the average-sized organization nearly $4 million annually, noted in a recent report by the Ponemon Institute. What's more, the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) observed 466,065 unique phishing sites in the second quarter of 2016 alone, up 61 percent over the previous quarter and almost three times the number observed in the fourth quarter of 2015. With phishing attacks showing no signs of slowing down, proactive monitoring solutions which leverage DNS data have never been more necessary for organizations of all sizes and industries.

"Phishing campaigns are fundamentally trying to trick your employees or customers, and the 'trick' often involves a look-alike domain and website. To build an effective phishing prevention product it helps to have a very thorough mapping of domains in DNS today as well as highly effective and timely domain discovery systems, two things DomainTools is exceedingly good at," said Tim Chen, CEO, DomainTools. "We created PhishEye for enterprises looking for a simple and effective way to automate the process of discovering phishing threats lurking on the internet well before they are activated."  

PhishEye's highly intelligent typo and substring matching algorithm, working in concert with DomainTools' proprietary Domain Reputation Engine, automates the discovery and notification of potentially nefarious domains very close to their actual registration time. These domains can then be entered into spam filters, firewalls, and other security systems to protect against phishing attacks on your network, or pushed into DomainTools Iris for further investigation and attribution.

To learn more about PhishEye and how DomainTools is protecting organizations from phishing attacks, or to request a demo, please visit:


About DomainTools 
DomainTools helps security analysts turn threat data into threat intelligence. We take indicators from your network, including domains and IPs, and connect them with nearly every active domain on the Internet. Those connections inform risk assessments, help profile attackers, guide online fraud investigations, and map cyber activity to attacker infrastructure. Fortune 1000 companies, global government agencies, and leading security solution vendors use the DomainTools platform as a critical ingredient in their threat investigation and mitigation work. Learn more about how to connect the dots on malicious activity at or follow us on Twitter: @domaintools.

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