Dispel Emerges from Stealth, Introduces New Model for Digital Privacy Protection

The world’s first one-click Privacy-as-a-Service platform that enables you to reclaim your privacy online with comprehensive content, identity, and location protection across mobile phones, computers and cloud services

December 29, 2015

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NEW YORK – December 9, 2015 – Dispel, a New York-based firm, launched from stealth today with the release of the world’s most comprehensive set of online privacy tools. After two years in development for major institutional clients, Dispel’s sophisticated “Privacy-as-a-Service” is now publicly available. With Dispel, users can immediately, simply and affordably regain control of their digital privacy. Dispel protects who you are, where you are, what you do, who you are talking to, what you send and the devices you use online. Dispel defends users from hacking, tracking, stalking and profiling; as well as service denials, infection, eavesdropping and surveillance. Built to professional standards, Dispel’s powerful privacy safeguards are readily configurable and can be installed by users at a desktop or enterprise level.

 Until now, most businesses and individuals have relied upon VPNs and other patchwork security services in an attempt to safeguard online data and privacy. These services, and encryption alone, have proven to be insufficient in the face of data breaches, IP theft, intrusive tracking by advertisers and government surveillance programs. Dispel is the next generation of privacy protection, incorporating the best of encryption, anonymization, location protection and more to defeat today’s threats. Dispel’s proprietary software engine continuously generates a reservoir of un-attributable, multi-step, multi-national, cloud-based connections and computers available to users on demand. This regenerating infrastructure creates anonymity by capitalizing on the scale, flexibility, speed and power of global cloud computing resources. With one click, Dispel users can immediately protect their metadata and location, encrypt and anonymize their communications and file transfers and sandbox their computing.

News Highlights

  • Technology: Dispel provides multiple levels of proprietary safeguards—including anonymization, encryption and location protection—to defeat privacy threats. Dispel dynamically builds un-attributable multi-cloud based infrastructure with layered encryption to supply fast, anonymized, secure software and cloud desktop solutions. Over the next year, Dispel plans to expand its offerings significantly.

  • Products: Dispel offers two modes of use:

    • Invisible Connections: Invisible Connections provide users immediate access to Dispel’s un-attributable infrastructure. With a single click, and no change in user behavior, an Invisible Connection encrypts and anonymizes Internet traffic—allowing users to materialize online anywhere in the world with their identity, content and true location protected. Invisible Connections are supported on Mac OS X and Windows, with Android and iOS coming soon.

    • Invisible Computers: With all of the protection of Invisible Connections, and fully equipped with modern applications, Invisible Computers are professional-grade cloud desktops, accessible on-demand with complete privacy. Invisible Computers are sandboxed machines—keeping viruses and malware off users’ computers. Invisible Computers are accessible through Firefox and Chrome on any operating system.

  • Pricing: Dispel offers three tiers of its subscription-based Privacy-as-a-Service:

    • Standard ($19/month): Sized for small businesses and individuals—secure privacy protection for typical daily browsing, email, file transfers, messaging and social media. 50GB of Invisible Connections and five hours of Invisible Computers per month.

    • Professional ($79/month): For software developers, overseas travelers, gamers, daily video consumers and those working with creative content. 200GB of Invisible Connections and 20 hours of Invisible Computers per month.

    • Premium ($199/month): For bandwidth-heavy imaging, creative content, file transfer and computing users who need economical access to always on, secure, enterprise-grade resources. ½ TB of Invisible Connections and 50 hours of Invisible Computers per month.

      • Enterprise: In addition to its subscription services, Dispel offers the following specialized services to enterprise clients:

        • C-Suite: Custom subscription tiers and white-glove installation and support for senior executive teams.

        • Custom installations: For large institutions who need to control their own networks and cloud computing resources.


“Dispel addresses a serious, unmet, public need for complete, simple, fast and effective privacy protection,” said Dispel CEO Ethan Schmertzler. “Online privacy is an ongoing challenge. To survive and remain competitive, institutions must ensure the privacy of their communications and computing, and protect the locations and activities of their employees. We also know countless Internet users share these concerns – for the privacy and security of their children, family and businesses. Our company lets everyone—large and small—get professional quality, fully integrated, fully supported privacy protection that they control. Our powerful technology gives peace of mind to everyone online.”

Online privacy remains a major commercial and consumer technology priority. In 2014, Intel Security and the Center for Strategic and International Studies reported that the annual cost of cybercrime to the global economy is likely to exceed $400 billion and potentially cost 200,000 American jobs. In May 2015, the Pew Research Center reported the overwhelming majority of people in the U.S. – 93 percent – find it important to control who can gather information about them. Furthermore, less than a quarter of these people felt the organizations handling their data, from government agencies to telecommunication providers or search engines, would keep records of their activities private. 


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About Dispel

Dispel is a privately held New York-based company focused on commercial and individual online privacy protection. After two years in development for major institutional clients, Dispel’s sophisticated Privacy-as-a-Service is now publicly available as the world’s most comprehensive set of on-demand digital privacy tools. By leveraging a combination of powerful software, multiple cloud services, and double encryption that eclipses VPNs, the current generation of remote desktops, and other tools, Dispel provides businesses and individuals with unprecedented protection, halting the destruction of online privacy by placing control back in the hands of users. To learn more, visit Dispel.io.



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