Data Privacy Day: Privado Flags Data Privacy Challenges In 2023 As It Hails Industry Stars

January 25, 2023

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January 25, 2023 - California, US; In 2023 there will be a global increase in data privacy regulation enforcement, new regulations in the United States leading to further fragmentation, investment in privacy-enhancing technologies, and hopes for agreement on a data transfer mechanism between the EU and US, among other developments. In light of Data Privacy Day 2023, data privacy technology Privado is today announcing Data Privacy All-Stars and Rising Stars, recognizing the efforts of these individuals within their industry as they share their insights on the challenges that lie ahead in 2023. 

Privado received over 2,000 nominations for its inaugural Data Privacy Stars listing. The list recognizes All-Star and Rising Star recipients for the exceptional work done by individuals who are taking privacy and security to the next level within their organization and beyond by spreading awareness of data privacy across the world. 

The All-Stars 2023 list celebrates those who have considerable data privacy related achievements to show over the years. The Rising Stars 2023 list commends those who are passionately driving data privacy initiatives.

Data Privacy Stars shared their insights, tips and predictions for 2023. 

2023 top data privacy challenges: 

  • More fines and enforcement that holds leadership (CEOs, CISOs) accountable. 

  • New regulations leading to more complexity and fragmentation.

  • Focus on protecting children and healthcare data including more direct guidance from the FTC and the HSS.

  • AI will bring new risks we haven’t seen before as it finds and exploits loopholes.

  • Skepticism on an agreement for a data transfer mechanism between EU and US.

  • User demand for more visibility and controls over consent.

2023 data privacy top tips: 

  • Data mapping as the undisputed foundation of any privacy program. 

  • Make privacy second nature by embedding privacy processes into stakeholder teams’ existing processes.

  • Implement Privacy by Design practices.

  • Having leadership acknowledge and champion how important data privacy is to make a difference.

  • Rightsizing privacy strategy for the current stage of your organization.

  • Step away from making privacy a policing role. Engage developer teams by bringing empathy, some social intelligence but most of all understanding business needs.

  • Proactive scanning capabilities and data lineage capabilities will be important. 

January 28, 2023 marks Data Privacy Day, an international effort to create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. Initiated in 2007 by the Council of Europe and adopted in 2009 by the United States, Data Privacy Day is now observed by over 50 countries around the world.

Vaibhav Antil, CEO of Privado commented: "Ahead of Data Privacy Day, we wanted to recognize individuals doing exceptional and innovative privacy work within their organizations. We want to highlight their accomplishments and share their insights with peers across the world."

"Data Privacy Day gives us all an opportunity to take a second and think about what we share about ourselves, when and where we share it, and who we are sharing it with. Organizations are taking the challenge of safeguarding our data head-on while continuing to deliver value to consumers, and so today is also a good opportunity to raise awareness of the magnitude this effort represents for every company and how every individual must be solving for privacy."

Founded in 2020, Privado was created to address the privacy issues facing businesses around the world. Privado offers open-source and enterprise code scanning solutions purpose-built for privacy that identifies data usage, discovers data flows & flags privacy issues like excessive user permissions or data leakages to logs.

About Privado

Privado is the privacy code scanner for privacy & security teams who want unparalleled visibility into data flows from applications & helps developers fix privacy vulnerabilities like personal data leakages to logs or third parties. Founded in 2020, Privado has enabled Headspace, Zego, Thrasio, TrendyOl & many more enterprises to embed privacy checks in their Software Development Life Cycle. For more information please visit or follow via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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