Launch of latest enterprise password management solution lets IT administrators educate, onboard, and enforce corporate password policies.

September 23, 2017

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NEW YORK – Dashlane announces Dashlane Business 2.0, the only enterprise password solution backed by a U.S. patented security architecture. When it comes to reducing the risk of a breach from poor credential management, you’re only as good as the breadth of your coverage. Dashlane Business 2.0 is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-adopt, password management solution that strengthens organizational password security and reduces unsecure password sharing.

Enterprise-Level Security, Consumer-Friendly UI
Dashlane Business provides world-class security, as well as an award-winning end-user experience. This exceptional combination means most organizations reach 100% employee adoption almost immediately after initial deployment. Additionally, employees are guided through an onboarding process that’s been optimized to successfully onboard Dashlane’s 8 million consumer users.

Dashlane Business 2.0 is also the only solution that provides visibility into whether employees are reusing passwords across personal and work accounts. Dashlane monitors the strength of all of employee passwords and alerts Admins when passwords are reused, weak, or compromised.

“CEOs, senior IT executives, and their Boards realize they do not have the ability nor the desire to oversee 100% of all cloud applications used by employees,” said Dashlane CEO, Emmanuel Schalit.  “Dashlane Business is a quick, reliable way to educate and on-board non-technical users, while leveling up security and improving password practices across their entire organization.”

Features that Fortify
New Dashlane Business 2.0 features afford convenience and time saving benefits to companies while encouraging the security and password behavior organizations need to stay secure:

  • Group Sharing: Admins can easily create custom groups to safely share and distribute passwords company-wide. Passwords can be added, updated, and removed from a group, and new users can be added to an existing group for quick onboarding.

  • Zero-Knowledge Account Recovery: Dashlane Business has the first Zero-Knowledge Account Recovery for end-users who have forgotten their Master Password. This patent pending implementation preserves a zero-knowledge architecture while giving users and admins added peace of mind and eliminating “forgot password” helpdesk requests. 

  • Active Directory Integration: Admins can now provision and deprovision users automatically as they are created or removed from the Active Directory. When a user is added via Active Directory, they are invited to their new Dashlane account and seamlessly onboard.

  • SAML Provisioning/Deprovisioning: Support for SAML provisioning and deprovisioning is yet another way Business 2.0 saves time, deleting accounts in one-click and eliminating the need to create user accounts in advance.

The Perfect Solution Across Work/Life Boundaries
Employees are using the same digital accounts at both home and work, blurring the line between personal and professional identity. Only Dashlane offers Smart Spaces™, which makes it super simple for employees to store their corporate passwords in one Space and personal accounts in another, all within the same Dashlane account. Companies can customize policies around the handling of corporate passwords and have absolutely no access to the personal credentials. 

“Ensuring that all employees are trained and actually use technical software is difficult. We conducted deep dives with organizations that successfully deployed Dashlane Business to learn from their successes. These sessions helped us make Dashlane Business 2.0 easier than ever to encourage user adoption and deploy for admins,” Schalit stated.

Password Practices as Reported by Employees & IT Administrators 

Employees are the biggest cybersecurity threat to organizations. According to a survey of 500+ IT Administrators and enterprise employees, nearly half (46%) of employees say they use personal passwords to protect company data. These passwords are often weak and meet the bare minimum password requirements. Reusing these weak passwords greatly increases the risk of compromising multiple personal and work accounts during a data breach.

  • Hackers May Care, but Employees Don’t

  • Employees said they would trust their spouse (67%) or a friend (17%) with work passwords.

  • Over 70% of employees said they are not concerned about causing a breach.

  • Ignorance is not bliss.

  • One in five employees do not even know if their company has a password policy, and almost one in three don’t know if they follow it.

  • Companies contribute to this password security ignorance by failing to train more than half (55%) of the employees who are entrusted with company password protected systems, data, and devices.

  • Hello, IT Department?

  • Over 75% of IT Admins believe their employees have password fatigue - the feeling experienced by people who are required to remember an excessive number of passwords as part of their daily routine.

  • While over half of IT Admins say they are concerned about bad password practices in the workplace, 45% still say they are not concerned at all. 

  • What’s more, 70% of IT Admins do not consider an employee password getting into the hands of a hacker among their top five IT-related concerns.

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