May 29, 2015

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HALF MOON BAY, Calif. and COPENHAGEN, May 27, 2015 - As data volume and complexity continue to grow, the performance of security applications needs to stay ahead of the speed of today’s networks in order to execute the necessary tasks to protect and mitigate against attacks. Cyber adAPT®, the leader in real-time network-based threat detection and Napatech, the world leader in accelerating network management and security applications, have joined forces to offer an integrated product solution for accelerated threat detection in high-speed networks.  

  • Real-time scanning with zero packet loss: Cyber adAPT is a non-signature based, agentless detection product that scans packets on the wire in real time, looking for and alerting on malicious network behavior already present inside the perimeter.

    • Layers threat feeds and host behavior data to increase fidelity;

    • Provides behavior detection capabilities at line speed with the precision required to avoid the all-too-common false alarms;

    • A multi-variant approach to analytics provides a clear picture of the nature of traffic inside the network that otherwise cannot be seen.

  • Accelerating threat detection through integration: By deeply integrating a 4 port 1 Gbps Napatech network accelerator into the solution, the entry level Cyber adAPT deployment is enhanced and enables the product to deliver high-speed processing of very large amounts of traffic by managing data flows at line speed with zero packet loss, allowing for true "real-time" analysis.

  • Ensuring network visibility at high speeds: Napatech is uniquely positioned to address the network management and security challenges brought on by explosive growth in mobile data traffic, cloud computing, mobility and big data analysis. Providing the ability to see the movement of data within the network ensures that videos stream smoothly, financial trades are executed quickly and criminals are stopped before they get in.                                                                               

Scott Millis, chief technology officer, Cyber adAPT, said:

“Cyber adAPT products that include Napatech acceleration guarantees delivery of data to our probe under all conditions. Full line-rate packet capture with zero packet loss, frame buffering and optimal configuration of host buffer sizes remove the bottlenecks that can cause packet loss to reliably deliver the critical analysis data that Cyber adAPT security solutions demand.”

Peter Ekner, chief technology officer, Napatech, said:

“Staying ahead of the data growth curve often requires a combined solution and very often cannot be provided by only one company. We are proud to enhance the Cyber adAPT solution with our core accelerator technology to provide them with the high-speed processing they need to manage data flows at line speed. It is through the integration process that we are able to address the needs of today’s overtaxed network infrastructure.”

Kirsten Bay, president and CEO, Cyber adAPT, said:

“We could not be happier with the partnership between Cyber adAPT and Napatech. The deep integration of our technologies bolsters our high-speed network analysis and detection, laying a solid foundation for our products’ ability to quickly evolve its data analysis capabilities, and will lead to more exciting product offerings in the near future.”

About Cyber adAPT

Founded in 2014, Cyber adAPT Real-Time Network Threat Detection Platform empowers security professionals to quickly see the state of the ecosystem and establish the level of risk—intelligently benchmarked over time against the past patterns of behavior—allowing a company to take proactive steps in order to minimize potential damage. Blind spots can now be identified and removed with new tools and levels of support to assess security risks that were not previously considered.  Cyber adAPT's investors include Alvin Fund, Granite Point Capital Partners, Griffin Fund II, and Fundamental Capital Management, LLC.  More information can be found at

About Napatech

Napatech is the world leader in accelerating network management and security applications. As data volume and complexity grow, the performance of these applications needs to stay ahead of the speed of networks in order to do their jobs. We make this possible, for even the most demanding financial, telecom, corporate and government networks. Now and in the future, we enable our customers’ applications to run faster than the networks they need to manage and protect.

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