Avenda Systems, Great Bay Software Partner In Network Endpoint Discovery

Standards-based enterprise discovery model ensures network-attached devices are accounted for prior to policy enforcement

October 22, 2009

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Santa Clara, Calif. " October 19, 2009 " Avenda Systems, the innovator in identity-aware network security, announced the completion of successful interoperability testing between Great Bay Software's Beacon Endpoint Profiler and its eTIPS' identity-based network access control (NAC) platform. The combined products offer a powerful endpoint discovery and network security solution, giving customers the ability to control who and what types of devices are allowed on their networks.

Great Bay's enterprise-class Endpoint Profiling and mapping provide a real-time inventory and auditing database for all authenticating and non-extensible authentication protocol (EAP) capable devices. Avenda's eTIPS platform includes built-in AAA services, policy services and reporting components, and an intuitive management interface, which reduce the complexity associated with prior NAC products. Together these products facilitate the deployment of NAC services by reducing the time needed to identify network endpoints, their attributes and maintain a real-time database used in policy decisions. Reporting and audit tools help to resolve regulatory concerns by delivering session-level findings for PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, and other internal audit and compliance requirements.

"Our endpoint profiling capabilities enable organizations to streamline device management and 802.1X deployments by effectively discovering the identity and location of all devices attaching to the network," said Steve Pettit, President of Great Bay Software. "With the addition of Avenda's eTIPS platform customers have a viable option for using the information we capture in the Beacon Endpoint Profiler to create effective global endpoint policies."

Avenda's identity and network access platform can centrally manage policies in any multi-vendor network for all access methods, operating systems, endpoints, and existing identity stores. An intuitive building block, policy creation model provides the flexibility to enforce and manage network access through 802.1X standards, identity elements, and/or device attributes. NAC health checks can be incorporated later in a phased approach.

"In addition to creating comprehensive policies with the Avenda platform for endpoints associated with users, Great Bay lets customers easily discover all non .1X-capable devices attaching to the network," commented Trent Fierro, Director of Marketing at Avenda Systems. "The goal is to create policies in the Avenda platform that map directly to characteristics provided by Great Bay for printers, smartphones, and other non-authenticating devices, so that suspect activity can be quickly recognized and contained."

About Great Bay Software

Great Bay Software, Inc. is a leading software development firm specializing in Enterprise Endpoint discovery, identity, and 802.1X. The company's flagship product, Beacon Endpoint Profiler, features applications including the enabling and extending of NAC and 802.1X, providing a comprehensive inventory of all network attached endpoints, and supporting compliance initiatives mandated in today's business climate. Further information: www.greatbaysoftware.com

About Avenda

Avenda Systems introduced the industry's first multi-function platform for network access security that breaks through past deployment barriers " complexity, compatibility, compliance and cost. Avenda's flagship eTIPS solution is a scalable AAA platform that utilizes identity-based policies for access control, endpoint health and device authorization for wired, wireless and VPN networks. Further information: www.avendasys.com

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