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High-Profile Breaches Are Shifting Enterprise Security Strategy

Increased media attention is driving changes in enterprise security strategy -- some positive, some negative.

The attacks against Microsoft Exchange and SolarWinds highlighted enterprise concerns over supply chain vulnerabilities and attack visibility. Dark Reading's 2021 Strategic Security Survey shows that high-profile incidents drove changes in enterprise security strategies over the past year. In the survey, 54% of respondents describe top executives as paying more attention and placing a higher priority on cybersecurity because of the increased media attention around incidents. 

The heightened attention comes with a cost, however, as 46% say there is now more pressure on the security organization and team members are experiencing significantly elevated stress levels. With increased visibility, 37% of organizations say they perceive their organizations as being inadequately prepared to protect data against ransomware attacks.

It's not all bad, as 38% of respondents say that end users have become more aware of cyber threats and are being more careful in their behavior. There is greater awareness of the shortcomings in enterprise tools and strategies for minimizing cyber-risk. More than a quarter, or 27%, of organizations are significantly rethinking their cyber architecture, and 29% are investing more heavily in security tools and technologies.