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Enterprises Focus More on API Security on Heels of Increased Data Integration

Two-fifths of enterprises who took part in Dark Reading's 2021 Secure Applications Survey indicated they pay attention to the security of application programming interfaces used to connect internal tools with third-party platforms to keep their data secure.

Fitness company Peloton announced in May that customer account data had been exposed on the Internet, allowing anyone to access user data from Peloton servers even if the user profile had been set private. The exposure was the result of a faulty application programming interface (API) that permitted unauthenticated requests. 

As organizations integrate their data with third-party applications to develop new products and services, they are paying closer attention to the security of those APIs. In response to Dark Reading’s “Secure Applications Survey,” 41% of enterprises said they are including APIs in their application security program. While 23% said they have a dedicated process for evaluating API security, 18% said they outsource the evaluation to third-party companies. The shift has been particularly pronounced over the past year, as 18% of organizations said they outsourced the API management function to a third party in 2021, compared with 5% in 2020. The percentage of organizations not performing security testing on APIs at all remained the same from 2020 to 2021 (18%).

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