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8 Security Dinosaurs and What Filled Their Footprints

Security technology has to evolve as new threats emerge and defenses improve. Here is a look back at the old breeds that are dying out.
Toy stegosaurus and triceratops watch on a laptop as toy T. Rex attacks another stegosaurus
Photo illustration of a keyboard whose Enter key is replaced by a red key labeled Email
A white man's hand holds an authentication token keyfob with a generated access key in front of a monitor with Secure Logon
A white man's hand removes a tape backup from a rack of backups
Closeup of browser address bar showing the lock icon and "https"
Portrait of a dead BlackBerry, a mobile phone with a physical keyboard
Photo of a man in short sleeves using one computer among a bank of computers, under a wall of monitors
Piece of paper in a typewriter, with "Virtual", "Private", and "Network" stacked on separate lines; first letters are red
Photo of the back of a server, where two rows of cables connect to the rack
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