Reaffirms Position as Privacy-Centric Solution for Retailers with Spatial Intelligence Platform’s Spatial Intelligence technology is used to improve business outcomes in a variety of retail use cases.

January 3, 2022

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Mountain View, Calif. – December 21, 2021 –,the industry's first and only Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Spatial Intelligence platform, announced today its committed stance to delivering business results to retailers through a privacy-preserving way. The solution enables retailers and other businesses to unlock new growth opportunities with a significantly improved ROI typically exceeding 1,000% annually, through an unbiased and privacy-centric approach. By integrating with existing infrastructure, such as security cameras, delivers anonymous, real-time solutions to companies that allow them to uncover insights about their customer behavior and make data-driven business decisions. complies with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by collecting 100% anonymous location data without the need to tap into an individual’s mobile phone capabilities. The company provides a privacy-centric solution that delivers unbiased data without measuring any personally identifiable information (PII) or demographic information, empowering retailers to achieve positive business outcomes in an unbiased way. 

“Many solutions today leverage smartphone data to provide retailers with business insights into their customers. These analytics often contain demographic data or personally identifiable information, leading retailers to bias their business decisions or create a privacy risk in using this data,” said Alan Flohr, Chief Revenue Officer of “Our spatial intelligence technology is leading the industry in delivering privacy-preserving analytics that retailers need to accelerate their profitability through an unbiased approach. The data captured through their own assets allows retailers to maintain consumer trust and drive performance improvements across their organization.”

“Data is a commodity, but personally identifiable data is also a business risk. With increasing data regulation and increasing frequency of hacker attacks, storing personal information can expose businesses to liability,” said Jason Sadowski, Ph.D., Head of Data Science at “ is engineered from top to bottom with a privacy-first stance. We offer precise insights into human behavior while maintaining compliance with the world’s strictest data privacy regulations. Our customers get the benefit of location-based analytics and the individuals moving through their spaces get to keep their autonomy and privacy.”

Industry regulations are holding companies to high standards on privacy compliance and data protection. In recent years, the enforcement of GDPR and CCPA have impacted how companies collect and use data. Many solutions, including mobile geolocation data or location analytic data, often require smartphone location tracking, GPS data, the usage of third-party apps, and geofencing to work. The stack was built with a privacy-first approach, never tapping into a customer's cell phone usage and only leveraging a retailer’s existing camera assets to acquire insights. 

“People's movements are being constantly tracked by an opaque industry of data brokers that sell surveillance-as-a-service to everyone from retailers to advertisers,” said Michelle Shevin, who works for one of the nation's largest philanthropic organizations focused on social justice and digital rights. “While many of its competitors rely on mobile geolocation and other problematic layers of data collection and surveillance, is proving that retailers do not need to choose between analytical value and protecting their customers' privacy. Demonstrating this non-PII approach to high-value analytics is a critical piece of maintaining trust and preserving privacy while pursuing business goals.”’s unique solution captures and displays individuals as anonymous moving dots on a given floor plan, such as a retail store, shopping mall, and grocery store. Companies can make strategic business decisions in real-time based on these observations without impeding an individual's privacy.’s Spatial Intelligence technology is used to improve business outcomes in a variety of retail use cases including: 

  • Loss prevention: Predicting suspicious customer behavior, like shoplifting, in physical stores in an unbiased way.

  • Display and merchandising optimization: Re-designing how certain merchandise is placed in-store to target sales growth per customer.

  • Queue management: Ensuring checkout counters are appropriately staffed during a given time and day of the week.

  • Improving staff and customer interactions: Enhancing staff and customer interactions and ensuring customers are being helped in a timely manner.

To learn more, visit read their data privacy white paperhere.

About is the industry’s first AI-powered spatial intelligence software company that uses anonymous location data from available and existing infrastructure to observe human behavior in any physical space. Its sophisticated technology turns raw behavioral and spatial data from existing sensors into actionable and applied business learnings - allowing companies to drive the business results that matter most to the growth of their companies in real-time. Founded in 2019, is headquartered in Mountain View, California. To learn more about, please visit

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