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Free Remote Management and Monitoring with Integrated Professional Services Automation the Foundation of New Built-By-MSPs-For-MSPs Consortium

April 22, 2015

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CLIFTON, NJ, April 21, 2015 –A free remote management and monitoring (RMM) platform tool with integrated professional services automation (PSA) is the foundation of a new built-by-MSPs-for-MSPs-consortium announced today. 

The Managed Service Provider Consortium (MSPC) (http://www.mspconsortium.com) is a free-to-join program, built-by-MSPs-for-MSPs, where members will leverage the new MSP Consortium platform tool, also available for free, to help MSPs eliminate expensive licensing fees, improve business performance, and increase their revenues through a customized, lead exchange platform.     

The new MSP Consortium is an open and federated organization, being led by a Board of Directors with executives from Ciracom, Comodo, Compunite Computers, Inc., Presage Solutions Inc., Raven Data Technologies, LazoTEK Computer Solutions and TCG: The Computer Guys. Additionally, Comodo is a founding sponsor and putting forth key MSP and security tools free of charge.    

“A huge advantage of the MSP Consortium is that it has been designed by MSPs specifically for MSPs – giving members the ability to leverage a community of IT and security experts to help solve any technical or business challenges they are facing in building their business,” said Amy Rutt, MSPC Board President and CEO of Ciracom. “The ability to quickly and easily tap into the knowledge of your peers will give members unique insight, tools and resources – all free of charge. No one in the entire IT industry is doing anything like this today for MSPs.”    

The MSPC platform tool combines RMM – which remotely tracks network and computer health, and PSA all within one tool.  

Built By MSPs For MSPs
MSPC will establish best practices, institute certification standards, and create and share management tools to help members. MSPC operations will be guided by a board of directors and five committees – including Technology, Sales, Purchasing, Compliance and Marketing Committees. The MSPC Board of Directors will establish the direction and guidelines for the group as an entirety. Initial Board members included some of the world’s top MSPs and security technology companies:  

·         MSPC Board President Amy Rutt, Chief Cloud Fanatic Ciracom   

·         MSPC Board Vice President Matt Johnson, CEO  of Raven Data Technologies

·         Board Member and Security Technology Sponsor Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO of Comodo

·         Board Member, Steve Ferman, President of Compunite Computers, Inc.  

·         Board Member, Jay Hamilton, President and CEO of Presage Solutions Inc.   

·         Board Member, John Lazo, President of LazoTEK Computer Solutions

·         Board Member, Bill Yagiela, President of TCG: The Computer Guys

The MSP Consortium will include regional chapters to offer members guidance and collaboration for improving business with MSPC-approved workflows. This peer-to-peer collaboration benefits members by helping them achieve MSP certification, improve workflow, share skills, boost their buying power, save on licensing costs, and sharpen their marketing efforts.  

Board Members Highlight the Importance of the Consortium and MSPC Platform Tool

The Comodo organization is a global leader in cyber security. “This MSP Consortium has the right vision, mindset and opportunity to help customers across the globe integrate some of the finest technology on the planet today,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, MSPC Board Member and CEO of Comodo. “The MSPC platform tool is a game changer, a unique offering for MSPC members that allows for lead exchange opportunities, helping MSPs to become more successful and profitable. I am extremely proud to be collaborating with a passionate Board of Directors as we work to set the vision and landscape of the MSPC in 2015 and beyond.”   

Compunite has a single goal in mind - to improve the quality of life as it relates to its customers’ cloud computing environment, creating an ecosystem which is not tied down to a location or a network but rather empowering customers the freedom to work however, whenever, and wherever they need to. “The MSP Consortium’s powerful platform and tools are designed to save me time and licensing cost fees,” said Steve Ferman, Chief Executive Officer of Compunite Computer Inc.  “This new Consortium will help bring down technology costs for both ourselves and other MSPs, and while we collaborate with our peers, leveraging their learnings, experiences and methodologies to bring the very best offerings to market.”   

LazoTEK Computer Solutions is a preferred provider of remote monitoring and management and business technology services for small to medium size businesses. LazoTEK Computer Solutions was created specifically to bridge the gap between small businesses and technology. “We are proud to be a member of The MSP Consortium – an organization committed to advancing the role of MSPs in business and driving higher service standards around the world,” said John Lazo, President of LazoTEK Computer Solutions. “In particular, we’re anxious to collaborate on security as a way to streamline and safeguard customer implementations in these days of growing online criminal activity.”

Presage Solutions is a premier Managed IT Service Provider headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas with clients’ located throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida.  Presage is the preferred proactive IT solution partner for small and medium size clients, which is reflected in their company slogan ‘we are in IT for each other.’  “The MSP Consortium is a forward thinking and dynamic community which will be constantly improving its technologies and services to benefit its members,” said Jay Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Presage Solutions. “The group’s commitment to innovation and to providing the highest levels of customer service will mirror well with the foundational elements of Presage Solutions.”  

Raven Data Technologies is a managed service provider, focusing on business IT Security, regulatory compliance, and security audits with remediation. “One of the big benefits we see as both a member of the MSP Consortium and a Board Member is the ability to leverage a community of security experts and fellow MSPs to help solve technical or business challenges we’re facing,” said Matt Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Raven Data Technologies. “The ability to quickly and easily tap into the knowledge of our peers gives us access to unique insight, enabling us to greatly expand our reach and areas of focus.”  

The Computer Guys, Inc. is a Michigan-based MSP company that specializes in providing mission critical IT Support on behalf of independent medical practices who are adopting Electronic Medical Records (EMR). “With the growing number of MSPs in the marketplace, customers are challenged to find vendors that can deliver consistently high levels of service. We are thrilled to be a part of the MSP Consortium leadership team, working to make this the next evolution by helping our MSP colleagues and most importantly, our customers,” said Bill Yagiela, President of The Computer Guys, Inc.  

Membership information and registration can be found on the newly launched web site http://www.mspconsortium.com.  

Those interested in joining the MSP Consortium or want additional information can reach out to [email protected]

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