EmberSec Unveils Virtual CISO Program

Program provides deep risk management and cybersecurity expertise.

May 19, 2020

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MCLEAN, Va.—May 14, 2020EmberSec, an advanced cybersecurity services and solutions division of By Light Professional IT Services, LLC, today unveiled the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Program, which provides deep risk management and cybersecurity expertise and ongoing program management for companies in need of security leadership.

In the current threat environment, securing data and systems and preparing for the evolution of future threats requires an experienced leader capable of navigating complex and unique challenges and executing timely yet targeted actions. Attracting and retaining individuals to fill leadership roles with the right levels of security and business expertise can be difficult and even cost-prohibitive for many companies. EmberSec vCISO eliminates time spent on hiring and onboarding. Companies gain executive-level security and risk expertise along with ongoing support, assessments, training and program management that delivers measurable results.

“Maintaining a strong security posture while addressing compliance and regulatory requirements is non-negotiable in today’s business environment,” said Ken Jenkins, principal and founder of EmberSec and CTO of By Light. “The experts on our vCISO team work with clients to fully assess risk and vulnerabilities, deliver a comprehensive strategy, and provide consistent ongoing security leadership, support and advocacy.”

EmberSec’s partner-centric approach builds on an intimate understanding of a company’s existing security posture to deliver a clear roadmap for implementing effective security practices that align with business objectives. With vCISO support, organizations can establish comprehensive, risk-based security strategies and processes that protect critical data and systems while keeping business moving forward.

Focus areas include:

●  Cyber Risk and Readiness Maturation: EmberSec vCISO partners with customers to establish an effective cybersecurity program or to mature an existing program with company-specific customization. Through an objective lens, the team will assess cybersecurity risk and maturity levels based on industry-specific requirements. EmberSec’s initial assessment facilitates the development of security policies, processes and procedures.

●  Security Program Management: EmberSec vCISO provides critical resources to supervise compliance, including the implementation of cybersecurity best practices and creating, editing, and reviewing policies and procedures. The program includes ongoing risk and security assessments as well as cybersecurity training and awareness. This benefit is especially important as organizations rely more heavily on remote workforces that require specific processes to reduce risk.

●  Incident Response: EmberSec vCISO will lead incident response planning and support, including response team management during incidents.

●  Board-Level Coalition Building: The EmberSec vCISO program synchronizes and communicates cybersecurity and risk priorities, processes and resources throughout the organization. Senior executives gain a partner that understands their concerns and responsibilities and will help to align strategies with business outcomes to ensure successful cybersecurity preparedness.

EmberSec vCISO delivers the top-down approach necessary to establish a strong security foundation. Experts guide clients through identifying, measuring and mitigating operational risk and implementing effective security measures without interrupting operations. EmberSec security professionals draw from decades of experience in building effective security programs from the ground up. Their expertise encompasses advisory, certification and assessment work across the federal government, healthcare, critical infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. The program’s flexible investment model scales to support company-specific needs and ensures consistent, efficient leadership without turnover.

To learn more about EmberSec’s Virtual CISO program, visit https://www.embercybersecurity.com/vciso.html.

About EmberSec

EmberSec is composed of senior security researchers, operators, analysts, hunters, former military and intelligence community professionals. Our team is powered by a dedication to building relationships that improve the overall security of our customers. We deliver end-to-end cybersecurity services and solutions designed to secure and defend your enterprise.

With deep insights into adversary tactics, techniques and procedures, the EmberSec team brings a unique understanding of security risks in the cyber domain. Skilled in both offensive and defensive cyberspace operations, we offer best-in-breed technical, managed and governance risk and compliance services.

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