Alert Logic Introduces ActiveWatch For Alert Logic Log Manager

New managed service debuts.

October 16, 2014

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Houston, TX – October 2, 2014 — Alert Logic (, a leading provider of Security-as-a-Service solutions for the cloud, today announced the availability of Alert Logic ActiveWatch for Log Manager, a managed service that delivers 24×7 analytics and monitoring of a company’s log data, identifying potential security and compliance issues that could impact their organization.

Every day, applications, operating systems, security software, and a host of other technologies are generating vast amounts of log data, both important and mundane. These logs hold the key to keeping a company’s IT infrastructure and business applications secure, enabling them to close compliance gaps and identify system vulnerabilities. The challenge is in being able to pull the critical few pieces of information from the massive amounts of log data that contain normal activity. Without the right tools to find these critical pieces of information, as well as the people who can understand, interpret, and act on them, a company’s IT infrastructure remains at risk.

“Alert Logic ActiveWatch for Log Manager enables businesses to turn daily log data into security intelligence that helps to protect and ensure the compliance of their IT infrastructure,” said Dave Colesante, SVP of Platform & Technology Services for Alert Logic. “By providing up-to-date correlation rules and threat intelligence, relationships between seemingly disparate events in log data can easily be identified. Alert Logic ActiveWatch for Log Manager not only identifies security issues, but also provides businesses with the recommended steps needed to resolve the issue, at a price organizations of any size can afford.”

Alert Logic ActiveWatch for Log Manager contains a correlation rules library that eliminates the complex and challenging job of creating and managing correlation rules. Scenario-based rules are continuously updated and fed into the solution by a specialized team of Alert Logic security and compliance experts. Additionally, the service includes up-to-date, critical threat intelligence and security content creation. With the ever-increasing threat of compromise and breach, it is no longer a viable option to let an organization’s vast amount of log data lay dormant.

“Alert Logic ActiveWatch for Log Manager not only identifies security issues from that valuable log data, but also satisfies the daily log review requirements of PCI DSS 3.0, which makes our service truly dual purpose,” said Colesante.

Built on the award winning Alert Logic Log Manager cloud-based log management solution, the ActiveWatch for Log Manager managed service provides:

  • Dedicated 24×7 security monitoring by certified experts,

  • Incident identification through advanced analytics of log data from a variety of sources, such as network devices, operating systems, applications, and other security products,

  • Up-to-date security intelligence, managed and maintained by Alert Logic,

  • A correlation rules library designed to identify the most common threat vectors and security issues, and

  • Detailed information regarding incident origins, as well as detailed issue resolution recommendations.

“Alert Logic ActiveWatch for Log Manager saves businesses the time and expense of deploying and maintaining a 24×7 security monitoring function in-house, and the large capital expense associated with purchasing and maintaining technologies used to derive actionable intelligence from log data,” said Ben Matheson, Chief Marketing Officer, Alert Logic. “With a pay-as-you-go subscription, businesses can leverage the intervention and expertise of Alert Logic’s compliance and security experts, along with Alert Logic’s market-leading analytics, log management technology and monitoring service.”


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About Alert Logic

Alert Logic provides security and compliance for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises infrastructure, allowing customers to benefit from deep security insight and continuous protection at a lower cost than legacy security offerings.  Fully managed by a team of experts, the Alert Logic Security-as-a-Service solution provides network, system and web application protection immediately, wherever your IT infrastructure is deployed.  Alert Logic partners with the leading cloud platforms and hosting providers to protect over 2,700 organizations worldwide.  Built for cloud scale, our patented platform manages petabytes of data, analyzes over 400 million security events monthly, and identifies more than 50,000 incidents a month that are managed by our security operations team. Alert Logic is based in Houston, Texas, and was founded in 2002.  Alert Logic recently expanded internationally by establishing UK offices in London and Cardiff.  For more information, please visit


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