Mosaic451 Launches Cybersecurity Talent Training Program

Cybersecurity firm tackles skills gap by fostering talent through customized 6-month training and job placement program

November 6, 2017

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PHOENIX, AZ (November 6, 2017) – Mosaic451, a cybersecurity services provider and consultancy, today announced its Mosaic451 Cyber Candidate School Program. An intensive six-month program, this innovative initiative marks one of the first in-house programs designed to recruit, cultivate and deploy new cybersecurity talent.

Cyberattacks are on the rise, with 32% of organizations falling victim to cybercrime in 2016, according to a survey published by PWC. Yet the volume of talent has not kept up with this rising threat - the skill gap within the cybersecurity industry has left over 1 million jobs currently unfilled, a number that according to Cybersecurity Venture is expected to climb to 3.5 million by 2021.

“It is incumbent on those within the cybersecurity community to find ways to bridge this skill gap,” said Michael Baker, Managing Director at Mosaic451. “Our new program will help us accumulate top talent by offering candidates with the right aptitude and drive a direct path into the industry, regardless of their current experience with cybersecurity, and is a positive step forward in securing the future of the cybersecurity industry.”

The company has enjoyed tremendous success with the pilot of this program, with the first round of candidates (all entering with minimal cybersecurity experience) successfully completing 90 days of rigorous on-the-job and classroom training culminating in qualifying for CompTIA’s Security+ certification, and moving on to Phase 2 of the three-phase program. Those who complete the six-month program will compete for an entry level position within Mosaic451, with opportunity to continue increasing their skill level through on the job training.

"The Mosaic451 internship program was very beneficial to me because I am now being exposed to an entire side of computing that I was not aware of. I've done development, marketing, design and data analysis but I never knew how important security was to everything else. Aside from the great opportunity for a full-time position with an amazing company, the internship taught me that NOTHING is secure when it comes to computing and having that mindset is the first step to becoming secure."  - Travas Lenard, Program Candidate

"Almost anyone can be a good candidate for the internship program regardless of his/her background. It is absolutely made to be very accessible to anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to develop themselves. The hands-on experience, the high expectations set by the program and the guidance received from seasoned analysts is invaluable for an accelerated development towards a cybersecurity/I.T. career." - Eric Park, Program Candidate

Mosaic451 now plans to rapidly expand the Candidate School – aiming to successfully produce 30+ candidates in 2018. The program is tuition-free for all accepted candidates. Those interested in applying for the Cyber Candidate School Program can learn more at 


A Military Heritage of Effective Training and Development

The leading-edge hardware and software required to conduct this training will be provided as part of the program by commercial vendors who have partnered with Mosaic451. Students will gain hands-on experience on some of the most widely used cybersecurity technologies. The custom program was designed by security operations leadership with decades of experience defending the US nuclear arsenal and developing military cyberwarfare courses. Mosaic451’s team of instructors are drawn from the vanguard of US Military and Federal civilian cyber leadership, including the initial cadre of course developers for the USAF’s most prestigious cyber training program, the Cyber Warfare Operations Weapons Instructor Course.

Students will be provided an internship at Mosaic451 Security Operations Center in Phoenix, AZ, where they will learn to:

  • Design, build, operate, and optimize cyber security network infrastructure.

  • Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, building their skill sets to include firewalls, network intrusion/prevention systems (NIDS/NIPS), and endpoint protection.

  • Hone their ability to apply these skills and earn industry certifications.

  • Have fun and learn real life skills applicable to the pursuit of higher learning and future employment.

About Mosaic451

Headquartered in Arizona, Mosaic451 is a bespoke cybersecurity service provider and consultancy with expertise in building, operating and defending some of the most highly secure networks in North America. Its Mosaic Hybrid™ is an industry first solution, providing monitoring service through its operations centers as well as specialized staff onsite during business hours to work alongside clients’ in-house technology and security staff. This hybrid model gives Mosaic451 the unique ability to empower security analysts to provide advanced data analysis and determine threat vectors, threat actors and intelligent root causes for every incident. Mosaic451 aggregates and empowers intelligent humans in the service of information security and IT operations excellence for our clients.

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