8 Books Security Pros Should Read

Hunting for a good resource on the security industry? Check out these classics from the experts to learn more about hacking, defense, cryptography and more.

Kelly Sheridan, Former Senior Editor, Dark Reading

November 23, 2016

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Calling all infosec pros: What are the best books in your security library?

On a second thought, let's take a step back. A better question may be: Do you have a security library at all? If not, why?

Security professionals have countless blogs, videos, and podcasts to stay updated on rapidly changing news and trends. Books, on the other hand, are valuable resources for diving into a specific area of security to build knowledge and broaden your expertise.

Because the security industry is so complex, it's impossible to cram everything there is to know in a single tome. Authors generally focus their works on single topics including cryptography, network security modeling, and security assessment.

Consider one of the reads on this list of recommendations, Threat Modeling: Designing for Security. This book is based on the idea that while all security pros model threats, few have developed expertise in the area.

Author Adam Shostack aims to educate readers on the subject through chapters like "Checklists for Diving In and Threat Modeling," "Structured Approaches to Threat Modeling," and "Properties of Attack Libraries." It's handy for both beginner and advanced security pros to gain a foothold on a specific topic.

Whether you're seeking a career change or simply want to learn something new, it's worth your time to curl up with one of these recommended security reads. Are there any suggestions you would add to this list?

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Kelly Sheridan

Former Senior Editor, Dark Reading

Kelly Sheridan was formerly a Staff Editor at Dark Reading, where she focused on cybersecurity news and analysis. She is a business technology journalist who previously reported for InformationWeek, where she covered Microsoft, and Insurance & Technology, where she covered financial services. Sheridan earned her BA in English at Villanova University. You can follow her on Twitter @kellymsheridan.

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