Wiresoft Launches All-In-One Firewall With Disaster Recovery, Issues "Hack Us" Contest

Firegate provides firewall, individually configurable spamwall, unlimited VPN support, content filtering, and anti-virus protection

November 10, 2009

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CINCINNATI, NOVEMBER 9, 2009 " Wiresoft, a leading provider of affordable, high performance network security products for America's small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today unveiled Firegate " the industry's foremost "unbreakable" firewall delivering enterprise-level security plus disaster recovery at an economical price. To accelerate the availability of Firegate to the nation's SMBs, Wiresoft announced an agreement with a leading global business process services company to distribute the innovative product suite through some 50,000 value added resellers (VARs).

Underscoring the reliability of Firegate's core technology platform, which has never been penetrated in either laboratory or market conditions, Wiresoft today issued a challenge: a $24,000 reward to anyone who can hack Firegate within 24 hours.

The Challenge: Hack Us in 24 Hours, Win $24,000

The "Hack Us If You Can" challenge will be open to all. Effective November 16, 2009, the rules for participating in the challenge will be on Wiresoft's web page at www.wiresoft.com. Participants must register and complete the challenge application. To win, participants must hack Firegate within 24 hours.

Wiresoft President Tom Schram said, "With Firegate, businesses have a real alternative: a single all-in-one system that foils network security threats, provides full back-up, and is available at a price that any SMB can afford. Hack us if you can " we dare you."

Schram continued: "For too long, businesses have been forced to rely on costly, silo'd products that leave them vulnerable to threats against data integrity, network security and productivity " and paralyzed when breaches and outages damage or destroy business-critical data. Today, Wiresoft is redefining our industry with a product that is ultra-reliable and impenetrable."

Firegate: Freedom from Network Intrusion

Firegate is a unified threat management (UTM) network security product " a single platform that protects companies against all network security threats. Firegate provides firewall, individually configurable spamwall, unlimited VPN support, content filtering and anti-virus protection all in one security platform, and at one price with no hidden charges or add-ons.

Firegate is being made available to the SMB market by Wiresoft's VAR network, and through today's agreement with a global business process services company supporting 50,000 VARs nationwide. VARs now can sell the full family of Firegate products:

* Firegate 100 for up to 100 users * Firegate 1000 for up to 1,000 users * Firegate Hosted for up to 20 users, a per user service with no up-front capital investment; and * Firegate Disaster Recovery " disaster recovery integrated with network security.

Customers benefit from Firegate's simplicity, streamlined installation and use, lower capital investment, high performance, and ability to help reduce network costs. Continuous maintenance and monitoring through Wiresoft's adaptive intelligence Automated Network Administrator (ANA) keeps Firegate up-to-speed and ahead of the game on rapidly evolving network security threats.

Ultra-Secure Technology Platform, Multi-Industry Applicability

Firegate products use the FreeBSD operating platform. The benefits of FreeBSD include, but are not limited to, letting users modify a program's source code without releasing those changes to the public. Firegate is applicable to any business, and is fully compliant with industry-specific regulations and standards including HIPAA, PCI, CIPA and GLBA.

Firegate Disaster Recovery

Wiresoft's Firegate Disaster Recovery prevents loss of business data, a vital complement that makes Firegate the most comprehensive network and data protection product in the industry. This module is downloadable via the Internet to Firegate. Customers are not required to purchase an on-site appliance first, and " in contrast to competitors' requirements " only pay for actual space used instead of in increments.

About Wiresoft

Wiresoft, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a leading provider of affordable high performance network security and disaster recovery products for small to medium-sized businesses. For further information on Wiresoft and the Firegate family of products, please visit www.wiresoft.com

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