VSS Monitoring Introduces New Network Packet Brokers To Enable Complete Networkwide Visibility And Performance

vBroker appliances expand the capacity and interface flexibility of its packet broker solutions

July 25, 2012

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SAN MATEO, Calif. – July 24, 2012 – VSS Monitoring, a leader in network packet brokers (NPBs), today introduced a new suite of NPB appliances and software capabilities which deliver the industry’s only fabric-system approach for enhancing global visibility and operational performance for network monitoring and security systems. The new VSS Monitoring product family, called vBroker™, enables customers to uniquely provide network-wide link-layer visibility and access to a broad set of network monitoring and security systems, making them significantly more efficient and yielding higher ROI. The growing number of monitoring and security systems required for today’s increasingly complex networks results in major provisioning and operational challenges for both enterprises and service providers, including limited network visibility, major capital costs due to deployment silos, and complex network upgrades that impact existing tool system speeds and capacities.

“The market need for application-aware network packet broker solutions continues to expand due to ever-increasing network complexity and upgrade cycles of network capacity due to the pressure public and private cloud infrastructures place on the network.” said Jonah Kowall, Gartner research director. “Network packet brokers make today’s increasing data stream manageable. The placement of monitoring tools must be accomplished and tested easily in centralized locations, and NPBs enable better visibility and longevity of tool investments.” To address the challenge of effectively operating tool systems in a rapidly evolving network environment, VSS Monitoring is expanding its unique fabric-system approach to NPBs, as well as launching new product innovations, to enable customers to achieve unparalleled network-wide visibility and data access across their LAN, WAN and Internet boundaries. VSS has consistently provided the industry’s first system-level approach that enables customers to seamlessly connect, maintain link-layer visibility and manage hundreds of packet brokers to form a brokering fabric system across multiple locations. VSS Monitoring’s new vBroker™ 200 and vBroker™ 300 appliances expand the capacity and interface flexibility of its packet broker solutions while delivering the industry’s richest set of features, including traffic filtering/grooming and offloading of packet processing to increase tool system capacity and efficiency. The vBroker 300 Series provides the industry’s highest capacity in a 1RU format – 560 Gbps – and up to 56 ports per appliance, while the vBroker 200 Series provides the flexibility of a modular chassis in compact 1RU or 2RU form factors.

Launching with VSS Monitoring’s packet broker appliances is vMesh™, a mesh architecture to seamlessly interconnect up to 256 VSS Monitoring NPBs and more than 10,000 ports, delivering the greatest scalability and link-layer visibility in the industry, whether across multiple data center racks, physical locations or entire geographies. Customers gain unparalleled scalability to capture and broker packets across the largest networks to centralize monitoring and security systems, resulting in more efficient capital investments and fewer resources needed to manage them. vMesh leverages VSS Monitoring’s proprietary vStack™ protocol to provide end-to-end visibility and data access – at the link-layer – across the entire network. Unlike deploying large monolithic packet brokers, VSS Monitoring customers using vMesh benefit from a high-scale “pay-as-you-grow” deployment model.

Finally, adding to VSS Monitoring’s unique system-level capabilities is a new management console, called vMC. Customers can now manage all or multiple VSS Monitoring NPBs using a single “pane-of-glass” to deploy, provision, and make drag-and-drop configuration changes for the full topology and perform bulk software updates. Customers can also create advanced charts and graphs at a group or network-wide level.

“The market for NPBs is growing rapidly, due to significant demands for new network services and faster connectivity across the globe being placed on today’s networks,” said Martin Breslin, President of VSS Monitoring. “Service providers and enterprises alike are challenged with ensuring continuous application performance, threat mitigation, and service availability, and are turning to us to support the latest set of network tool systems, including new security services that protect data, mitigate loss of control due to cloud and mobility initiatives, and ensure compliance. With our unique systems approach, we enable customers to start small and scale to meet their growing needs.”

Availability and Pricing

Available later this quarter, pricing starts at $57,500 for the vBroker 300 Series and $27,500 for the vBroker 200 Series. Pricing for vMesh starts at $800 per device.

About VSS Monitoring VSS Monitoring is a world leader in network packet brokers (NPBs), providing a visionary, systems approach for optimizing and scaling the connectivity between network switching and the network intelligence universe of analytics, security, and monitoring tool systems. VSS Monitoring network packet brokers improve tool usage and efficiency, simplify IT operations, and greatly enhance ROI from tools. For more information, visit www.vssmonitoring.com.

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