VidSys Enhances Physical Security Monitoring

Company unveils dynamic situation management capabilities in newest version of its Physical Security Information Management software

September 24, 2009

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VIENNA, VA--(Marketwire - September 21, 2009) - VidSys, the leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, today unveiled its dynamic situation management capabilities available in the newest version of the company's PSIM software. Along with its existing ability to correlate multiple incoming events, the VidSys PSIM solution now has the unique ability to dynamically change the business logic and threshold conditions related to an evolving situation to respond to changes as the situation unfolds.

"While situations may start with only a few related events, they often quickly become an unpredictable maze of numerous events that organizations need to rapidly manage and resolve," explained Dave Rosenlund, vice president, product management, VidSys. "VidSys offers the only PSIM solution that addresses the evolution from static situation and event management to real-time dynamic situation management. By providing real-time operational and system integration and enabling an unprecedented level of collaboration with the operators of other systems, we're making responders and operators more efficient and improving end results."

A key component to the new release is a common operating platform, built upon the existing common operating picture, that enables real-time dynamic situation management by integrating information from multiple security and operational systems, monitoring the data for changes or escalation in a situation, and automatically redefining what actions need to be taken and the teams that need to be involved to match the changing environment. Additionally, the common operating platform enables more of the intelligence and policies being leveraged to be pushed to the network edge for faster diagnosis, more efficient bandwidth utilization and the ability to integrate a variety of disparate devices.

The new version of VidSys PSIM software offers: -- On demand integration and collaboration, designed to make dynamic integration with other platforms and systems possible in the midst of managing and resolving a rapidly evolving situation; -- The ability to facilitate real time human collaboration through voice-enabled systems and devices including CAD Systems, mass notification systems and GPS-enabled radios; -- Increased leverage of intelligent devices at the edge of the network that are an extension of the VidSys situation management rules that can change policies and actions based on evolving situations; -- Dynamic event processing, which makes intelligent PSIM processing, including correlation and filtering engines, at the edge of the network on virtually any device possible. In addition to integration with a variety of intelligent edge devices that VidSys already supports, such as cameras with built-in analytics, smart intrusion detection systems, building management and intelligent sensor systems, through its partnership with Augusta Systems, VidSys enhanced its integration with EdgeFrontier products. The edge systems can not only run policies remotely but can also have their policies dynamically adjusted by VidSys' RiskShield situation management software or manually by operators.

"As devices at the edge of the network have more robust capabilities, the need for distributed policy management integrated with a centrally managed PSIM solution increases in importance," said Patrick Esposito, president and chief executive officer, Augusta Systems. "The integration of our EdgeFrontier integration and policy management software with the VidSys PSIM software allows policies in multiple, distributed instances of EdgeFrontier to be adjusted automatically through the VidSys system to adapt to changing situations as they unfold."

The new release also includes enhanced integration with voice systems, incorporating phone recordings into situations, setting up phone and radio conferences, and sync voice and video recording. VidSys has developed integrations with voice systems from Quintron (DICES) and Cisco Systems (IPICS) that dynamically set up calls, establish dynamic conferencing, integrate radios and phone systems, locate and record incoming calls and provide mass announcements.

To see a demo of the VidSys PSIM software, including the new dynamic situation management capabilities and voice integration with Cisco, stop by the VidSys booth #3947 at the ASIS International Annual Summit, taking place now through September 24 in Anaheim, CA to learn more.

About VidSys VidSys is the leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software that enables organizations to reduce operational costs and improve situation response times while reducing risks and increasing safety, security, and asset protection. Its award-winning Open PSIM Platform and multi-vendor video and situation management software, VidShield and RiskShield respectively, are running in numerous command centers including some of the largest in North America. The company works closely with its customers in federal, state and local government as well as enterprises in the high tech, financial services, and transportation industries. VidSys is also the founding member of, a thought leadership site dedicated to discussing the PSIM industry. Privately funded by Flybridge Capital Partners, Motorola Ventures, and JVax Investment Group, principal offices are located in Marlborough, Massachusetts and Vienna, Virginia. For more information, please visit

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