Version 5.6 includes enhanced key data management and protection features

May 10, 2011

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NEW YORK and LAS VEGAS – May 9, 2011 – EMC World, Booth #1001 - Varonis Systems Inc., the foremost provider of comprehensive data governance software, today announced Version 5.6 of its Data Governance Suite, which enables secure collaboration by providing a complete metadata framework and integrated product suite for the governance of unstructured data on file servers, NAS devices and semi-structured data on SharePoint and Exchange servers. Varonis helps organizations to effectively and automatically audit and manage data access control, identify and classify data owners, and oversee entitlement and authorization processes for their critical data.

Sharing information and collaborating with digital files is essential to organizations today. However, as the quantity of documents, spreadsheets, video, audio and email continues to skyrocket, the ability to manage and protect that information becomes increasingly challenging and chaotic. With dynamic, cross-functional teams accessing data sets in numerous locations on multiple platforms such as file systems, NAS devices, SharePoint sites and email systems, it can be difficult or impossible for IT to determine who has access, needs access, who’s accessing, and who owns the data. Further, organizations often store and have a responsibility to protect files containing sensitive information about their partners, vendors, clients, patients and customers. When these digital assets are misused they become a tremendous liability (as was the case with WikiLeaks).

Today, no one would consider looking for information on the Internet without a sophisticated search engine. Data auditing, classification, ownership identification and access control are now in the same place that search was 10 years ago—representing more than 80 percent of the world’s data and doubling every 18 months (Source: Gartner), there is simply too much unstructured data to manage manually.

“Organizations need visibility, intelligence and automation to manage and protect critical data,” said Yaki Faitelson, CEO, president and co-founder of Varonis. “What Varonis has seen with more than 1,200 customers over the past six years is that every organization is suffering from profound operational failures. More than 50 percent of the data people can access within an organization is not relevant to them. Take any random employee and 50 percent of the data they have access to, he shouldn’t be able to access. Organizations cannot easily answer: ‘Who is accessing the data?’. When someone deletes or downloads 1,000 files, no one knows. More than 50 percent of the data on file systems, NAS devices, SharePoint sites and emails systems don’t have an owner – it’s hard to imagine, but critical business assets exist in every organization without an owner.”

With the introduction of Version 5.6 of the Data Governance Suite, Varonis has added and enhanced key data management and protection features for IT and data owners. Varonis customers have the ability to completely standardize unstructured and semi-structured data protection and management on their file systems, NAS, SharePoint sites and Exchange mailboxes with the Varonis' Metadata Framework™ technology that forms the foundation of Varonis software. Organizations can effectively and automatically manage data access control, audit, ownership, classification, entitlements and authorization processes on the platforms that host unstructured and semi-structured data. The Varonis' Metadata Framework™ enables organizations to expand digital collaboration boundaries safely while at the same time significantly increasing IT workforce productivity for daily data protection and management tasks.

“With the amount of data we need to manage, it’s physically impossible to do it manually without a solution like Varonis and be 100 percent confident that it’s accurate and updated. Varonis gives us that peace of mind.” said James Herbert, senior manager, global infrastructure for HIT Entertainment.

In Version 5.6, Varonis has completely redesigned the DataPrivilege interface, providing a cleaner, more consistent experience for administrators, data owners and end users. The entire DataPrivilege interface is also configurable, allowing administrators to tailor and restrict functionality for different types of users. The new version also features Enhanced Administrator Views for increased efficiency and Entitlement Review improvements that provide more actionable information.

Additional features in Version 5.6 include:

* Share Permissions Visibility, allowing DatAdvantage for Windows to display both logical and physical permissions, and organize the file system in the work area by either file system hierarchy or by logical share. This helps organizations to quickly visualize and ensure proper access control. * Bulk Upload of Data Owners, allowing DatAdvantage users to more quickly and efficiently assign owners to large numbers of data containers without having to manually assign them. * Data Owner Cloning & Replacement, simplifying the ongoing maintenance of data ownership through a point-and-click interface in DatAdvantage. * Algorithm Verification of Classification Results, ensuring the accuracy of classification results with a minimum of false positives within Varonis’ IDU Classification Framework. * Classification Results File Analysis, enabling organizations to quickly inspect the relevant content of files that may contain sensitive content, while maintaining the integrity of the file’s access controls. * Integration with RSA DLP through the GUI, allowing users to more easily leverage RSA DLP data classification information with an integration to the Varonis IDU Classification Framework

Varonis' DatAdvantage' and Varonis' DataPrivilege' Versions 5.6 will be generally available on July 1, 2011. All customers currently under support will receive the new 5.6 features for free as part of their Varonis support package.

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