V.i. Labs Releases Piracy Report, New Piracy Intelligence Product

CodeArmor Intelligence 2.0 offers enhanced reporting capabilities that capture additional evidence that ISVs can use to pursue claims against illegal use of their software products

September 18, 2009

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WALTHAM, Mass. — September 16, 2009 — V.i. Laboratories, Inc. ("V.i. Labs"), a leading provider of piracy business intelligence and software protection solutions, introduced the newest version of CodeArmor' Intelligence, which now gives ISVs a greater ability to take proactive, actionable steps -- including remotely triggering an appropriate response when software is being used illegally. Available today, CodeArmor Intelligence 2.0 also offers enhanced reporting capabilities that capture additional evidence that ISVs can use to pursue claims against illegal use of their software products.

Once illegal activity is detected, CodeArmor Intelligence now provides a dynamic notification capability that allows ISVs to respond to illegal use and alter the behavior of the unlicensed application. The notification can be focused through granular rules configured on the gateway server to only target specific machines, organizations or even geographic regions. Unlike traditional piracy response mechanisms that can impact licensed customers, CodeArmor Intelligence's dynamic notification can be activated at any point in time, and is based on forensic evidence that the software is being used unlicensed.

Vendors can implement custom responses around the CodeArmor Intelligence notification capabilities to display warnings, reduce functionality, or even revoke access. This added control gives ISVs the leverage they need to escalate responses and better their chances of recovering lost revenue. "We are providing vendors with a powerful tool that specifically targets software that is being used illegally - not licensed applications - to help ISVs identify and notify companies who are in violation of software compliance rules and regulations. This gives vendors increased flexibility in dealing with companies that are using unlicensed software," said Victor DeMarines, VP of Products, Vi Labs. "By having the ability to dynamically alter the way their pirated applications work and collecting additional forms of evidence, ISVs have a better chance to pursue a claim and recover revenue that is rightly theirs."

New mechanisms and reporting capabilities in CodeArmor Intelligence identify organizations using pirated software by capturing details of what the user is working on as evidence. This aids in directly identifying the infringing organization and offers direct, indisputable evidence that ISVs, distributors, legal firms or third party negotiators can use to recover lost revenue.

Data compiled from multiple software vendors' deployments of CodeArmor Intelligence has revealed interesting findings:

  • Nearly 80 percent have identified instances of overuse by existing customers who were using cracked software

    • All have seen licensing cracks and usage by individuals or groups before the wider piracy scene release has been available "The types of data provided by CodeArmor Intelligence gives software vendors the much needed proof they require when approaching companies they suspect are illegally using software," said Dave Graubart, co-chair of the Electronic Design Automation Consortium's Anti-Piracy Committee. "Having this granular information that targets true illegal use as part of an initial presentation makes it much easier to negotiate and recapture license revenue."

      Other enhancements to CodeArmor Intelligence v2.0 include configuration of local encrypted log files, which allows infringement data to be logged locally when the computer is not connected to the Internet. This is especially useful during support call scenarios and license compliance audits where the vendor may be on-site. Also included are improved data integration capabilities with internal CRM and reporting systems, and a new user interface that allows companies to easily configure CodeArmor Intelligence with their applications. Reporting can also be disabled based on country or region, providing a deeper layer of granularity so ISVs can customize their information based upon the countries they are investigating or monitoring.

      Newest Software Piracy Risk Assessment Report Validates Intelligence Approach for ISVs In the second of a series of research reports released today, V.i. Labs shows that the channels used to announce, distribute and download pirated software are more extensive and decentralized than previously believed. Traditional networks like BitTorrent and Usenet are still relevant for sharing pirated software, but are being dwarfed by the ease with which large applications can be uploaded onto numerous file hosting services and linked to across the Web.

      Software vendors have an opportunity to leverage this channel, however, and to gain business intelligence into the pirated use of their software. By understanding how their software releases are enabled for piracy, ISVs can implement piracy detection and reporting technology within their software to quantify the extent to which their pirated software is used, in what locales or regions, and further identify the actual businesses using the software for revenue recovery programs. For a free copy of the report, please visit: www.vilabs.com/offers/Software_Piracy_Report_2009_pt2.aspx Pricing and Availability CodeArmor Intelligence 2.0 is available now. Pricing is a tiered annual subscription based on an ISV's product revenue. Companies wishing to learn more about the extent of their piracy problems can sign up for a free automated software piracy alert service by visiting: www.vilabs.com/piracyalerts. About V.i. Laboratories (V.i. Labs) V.i. Labs offers Piracy Business Intelligence and Software Protection solutions that enable companies to recover revenue and protect their software IP by detecting, reporting, and preventing the misuse of their applications. Its CodeArmor' platform delivers business intelligence on unlicensed use to uncover new revenue streams and hardens applications against theft and tampering. V.i. Labs is privately held and is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. For more information, please visit www.vilabs.com.

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