Tripwire Enterprise 8.1 Brings Security Configuration Management To Boardroom

Latest release is powered by Tripwires new VIA Platform

September 16, 2011

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Portland, OR September 13, 2011 Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of IT security and compliance solutions, today announced the next generation of its flagship Tripwire' Enterprise suite, the industrys most widely recognized security configuration management solution. It is also the first Tripwire Enterprise release to leverage components of Tripwires VIA platform of integrated controls, resulting in the most scalable and easy-to-implement version to date, while adding capabilities that address the strategic needs of security directors and CISOs worldwide.

Recent cyber attacks highlight the fact that while IT security teams often have all the necessary security controls to do their job from security configuration management solutions to log and SIEM solutions and more their siloed, disparate nature makes them noisy, easily exploited and difficult to manage. Additionally, disjointed controls are rarely managed in a way that reflects the needs and priorities of the business, as they often fail to put the critical security data in the hands of the staff that can best use this information.

The VIA platform of integrated controls solves these problems with shared capabilities and content that, when used in product suites like Tripwire Enterprise, provides high levels of visibility, intelligence and automation across varying control types. With Tripwire Enterprises latest release, two new VIA capabilities VIA Asset View and the VIA Configuration Data Mart join forces with the Fast Track setup utility to solve a host of problems facing todays CISOs and security directors.

VIA Asset View

The Tripwire Enterprise end-to-end security configuration suite has traditionally provided configuration assessment, file integrity monitoring and automated remediation capabilities for the critical IT infrastructure of over 5,000 customers in over 87 countries. But as the frequency and impact of cyber attacks and breaches have significantly increased, the notion of which infrastructures are critical has changed dramatically.

With the implementation of VIA Asset View, a flexible asset manager, customers can easily align Tripwire Enterprise to their business worldview and add relevant business context to file and configuration monitoring. Customizable asset tags enable users to identify which systems or groups might contain the highest-risk information, or be the most critical to daily operations. They can also identify business units, regions, application owners, and attributes like platform types and policy governance, resulting in a stronger, more intuitive interface that reduces time-to-value while lowering ownership costs.

With VIA Asset View, security solutions no longer rely on brittle, hierarchical data, but rather on interfaces that are as dynamic and flexible as the enterprises they protect, said Dwayne Melanon, Vice President of Products for Tripwire. Instead of just looking at suspicious changes or failed compliance tests, Tripwire is enabling customers to immediately see why this information matters and the risk it poses to their businesses.

VIA Configuration Data Mart

Valuable elements of security information are too often trapped in individual controls, and not available to other parts of the business where they could provide clarity and add value. Recognizing this challenge, Tripwire has created VIA Configuration Data Mart as a companion product for the new Tripwire Enterprise suite. The Configuration Data Mart harvests critical configuration state information including test scores, vulnerability data and compliance information and makes it available to business intelligence and reporting systems throughout the organization. CISOs now have the up to date decision-making data at their fingertips. The VIA Configuration Data Mart also provides federated roll-up of compliance data from multiple reporting sources to help organizations who use multiple Tripwire Enterprise implementations across various business units pull data together and provide a single enterprise view of compliance.

This new version of Tripwire Enterprise not only demonstrates our VIA vision for control integration, but also the real-world benefits VIA offers, said Melanon. If feedback from our user groups and technology previews is an indicator, existing customers will move rapidly to this new version and leverage the powerful solution to mitigate business risk as it relates to IT infrastructure.

About Tripwire, Inc.

Tripwire is a leading global provider of IT security and compliance solutions for enterprises, government agencies and service providers who need to protect their sensitive data on critical infrastructure from breaches, vulnerabilities, and threats. Thousands of customers rely on Tripwires critical security controls like security configuration management, file integrity monitoring, log and event management. The Tripwire VIA platform of integrated controls provides unprecedented visibility and intelligence into business risk while automating complex and manual tasks, enabling organizations to better achieve continuous compliance, mitigate business risk and help ensure operational control. Learn more at or follow us @TripwireInc on Twitter.

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