Trend Micro Rolls Out New Endpoint Security Tools

New solutions include Trend Micro OfficeScan Client-Server Suite and Trend Micro Endpoint Security Platform

April 28, 2009

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Cupertino, Calif. -- April 13, 2009 -- Independent research shows that two out of every three corporate endpoint devices are infected by malware each year.[1] Trend Micro's new endpoint security solutions are designed to help enterprises that are grappling with keeping their endpoints secure, as well as deployment and management issues associated with the quantity and complexity of today's fast-moving malware landscape.

In introducing these two new endpoint security solutions, Trend Micro strives to give enterprises both choice and flexibility -- the choice in picking the ideal solution for individual business needs that is flexible enough to grow and evolve with their business.

Trend Micro OfficeScan Client-Server Suite is a best-of-breed solution focused on endpoint security. The newly packaged suite includes protection for all types of endpoints " desktops, laptops, server, smartphones and storage devices " combined with Trend Micro Control Manager for centralized management and reporting. Trend Micro OfficeScan 10, the flagship product in this suite, is powered by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, which reduces a customer's exposure to threats and delivers immediate protection.

Trend Micro Endpoint Security Platform supports large and geographically dispersed endpoint populations, scaling up to 250,000 users on one management server. The modular architecture of Endpoint Security Platform allows enterprises to choose either a highly scalable, dedicated security solution, or an endpoint security solution combined with systems management, saving time, effort, and cost through system consolidation. These new solutions are part of Trend Micro Enterprise Security, a tightly integrated offering of products, services, and solutions that minimize the time to protect organizations from content security risks. Powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, Trend Micro Enterprise Security delivers immediate protection that improves automatically -- closing the window of vulnerability -- and reduces complexity and costs by reducing the time to acquire, deploy and manage enterprise security.

"Trend Micro challenged us to look twice at our old security solution and whether it was doing what we needed it to do. We chose Trend Micro because their endpoint security strategy aligns with our business goals and enterprise-wide security objectives," said Michael Draeger, IT field support at Silgan Containers, a subsidiary of Silgan Holdings and the largest manufacturer of metal food containers in North America. "The modular, integrated products operate as a cohesive solution that has been tailored to our environment and requirements."

"Enterprises need proactive security solutions that are able to immediately detect new and emerging Web-based threats without overburdening their endpoints. The cloud-client infrastructure behind File Reputation means fewer updates to the client, with a more predictable impact on endpoint resources," said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group. "The fact that enterprises now have a choice in selecting the right endpoint security 'fit' for their organization is an added plus."

New File Reputation ensures customers get immediate protection on every endpoint

Most endpoint security takes too long to deploy across all clients and servers because it uses the traditional and ineffective method of frequent signature file updates to defend against the increasing volume of threats. Lengthy updates create a dangerous security latency, overburden the endpoints and impact user productivity.

With File Reputation, part of Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, Trend Micro innovatively addresses these issues. File Reputation safeguards endpoint data and resources by providing real-time intelligence on the safety of a file before a user can open it. Using the Smart Protection Network cloud-client architecture, a client queries either Trend Micro's in-the-cloud or on premise database, no longer relying on distributed signature files to be protected. For complex enterprise environments, this flexibility is a must.

File Reputation enables fewer updates to the clients with a predictable impact on endpoint resources, regardless of the increase in malware threats. This provides faster endpoint security for businesses, and the ability to query the latest protection in the cloud protects even remote or mobile workers when they open files off the network. The new File Reputation technology is available in OfficeScan 10 and will be available in Endpoint Security Platform by September 2009.

"We rely on OfficeScan to protect all of our desktops and servers across more than 40 sites. As Trend Micro has evolved to a cloud-client architecture, they have been shortening overall security latency," explained Draeger. "We've seen more and more threats, and we've also noticed that the time between the discovery of a vulnerability and an attack that exploits it is shortening. The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network is a good idea—it will give us better and faster protection."

Trend Micro endpoint security also offers Web Reputation, another component of Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. Web Reputation has been protecting businesses from Web threats for over two years and uses one of the largest domain-reputation databases in the world. It secures Web-based business initiatives by preventing users and applications from accessing malicious or infiltrated Web sites while both on and off the network.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Network correlates in-the-cloud Web, email, and file reputation databases, protecting endpoints at all points of an attack before threats impact businesses. By blocking threats early on using reputation services, customers spend less time and money cleaning infections on their endpoints.

Trend Micro lowers the complexity of endpoint-security management As endpoint security systems expand to keep pace with the latest threats, managing this security can become an even greater challenge than combating the threats themselves. . The new Trend Micro endpoint security solutions reduce deployment and management complexity. OfficeScan is managed from a single, central location. Endpoint Security Platform offers an innovative single agent, single server, single console technology to provide a unified point of control for policy-driven endpoint management. The solutions also simplify migration by silently and quickly uninstalling any previous endpoint security product.

A modular approach gives customers deployment flexibility Trend Micro endpoint security offers modular and plug-in infrastructures that let customers choose what security tools they want to deploy, when, and where.

For mid- to large enterprises with up to 10,000 endpoints, Trend Micro OfficeScan Client-Server Suite has an extensible plug-in architecture that allows these customers to choose what security technology they want to deploy, and the option to add the latest security when it becomes available -- without having to repackage and redeploy the entire solution.

OfficeScan 10, protecting tens of millions of endpoints for over a decade, now extends protection with new device control to manage removable media in this latest version. The flexibility of OfficeScan's unique plug-in architecture allows customers to easily tailor the solution to today's and future security requirements protecting their investment in Trend Micro.

Trend Micro Endpoint Security Platform, the result of a recent licensing agreement with BigFix, combines Trend Micro endpoint security and BigFix endpoint management. This integrated solution provides unparalleled visibility and control to endpoint security and systems management. Its high-performance framework simplifies protection for large organizations, distributed environments, and even remote workers, regardless of connectivity. Enterprises get significant advantages in speed, flexibility, and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with traditional systems and security management

At its foundation, Endpoint Security Platform creates a unified framework for security and systems management. Enterprises then customize the solution by selecting the specific platform modules that support their unique endpoint environments, easily deploying the security and systems management functionality they need onto every endpoint. With a highly scalable architecture that supports up to 250,000 users on one management server, Endpoint Security Platform allows systems management and security teams to centrally secure their endpoints with confidence and accuracy, reducing complexity, risk, and costs.

North American Pricing & Availability for Trend Micro OfficeScan Client-Server Suite Trend Micro OfficeScan Client-Server Suite includes both a Standard and Advanced suite. Per user pricing varies by seat count and price decreases with volume. For 1,001 seats, the OfficeScan Client-Server Standard Suite is US$20 per user and includes the new File Reputation technology and protection for Windows clients and servers, Netware, and Linux. It comes as a free upgrade to any existing OfficeScan customer and reflects a 25 percent reduction in price over previous releases.

For 1,001 seats, the OfficeScan Client-Server Advanced Suite is US$32 per user and adds HIPS capability as well as protection for Macintosh computers, smartphones and PDAs. A la Carte pricing for all OfficeScan Plug-ins has also been reduced and is available for customers to build tailored solutions for their unique needs.

OfficeScan Client-Server Suite will be available in May. For more information, please visit or contact a Trend Micro sales representative.

North American Pricing & Availability for Trend Micro Endpoint Security Platform The Endpoint Security Platform and three modules are currently available as of the beginning of April, including Web Protection Module; Core Protection Module; and Patch Management Module. A Data Leak Prevention Module will be available in June 2009. For more information, please visit or contact a Trend Micro sales representative.

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